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Amazon Pharmacy may be a newcomer to retail pharmacy, but its prices mostly stay true to their reputation of out-pricing the competition. Amazon will save you money on both brand and generic Viagra in all strengths except Viagra 50 milligrams.Amazon

Overview: Erectile dysfunction is an almost inevitable side effect of prostate removal surgery for prostate cancer. The good news is that this has led to the development and testing of a multitude of strategies in an effort to reduce the negative

All right fellas, today we’re sharing some pretty serious developments in an area that every guy is interested in: male contraception (that isn’t condoms). That’s right, there may FINALLY be a non-hormonal contraceptive that will have you shooting blanks as

Overview: Building on their successful acquisition of pharmaceutical packaging firm PillPack, Amazon jumped into the retail pharmacy arena with the recent rollout of their cleverly-named Amazon Pharmacy. The retail giant has a reputation for driving prices down, usually by aggressively undercutting

Overview: A recent study of men with COVID-19 has found a correlation between hospital time due to COVID-induced respiratory infection and low testosterone levels. The more severe the COVID, the lower the testosterone levels. While more research is needed, these results

Overview: Premature ejaculation (PE) affects an estimated 30% of men and can cause significant strain on a man’s well-being and relationships. While medications like Viagra exist for managing erectile dysfunction symptoms, they often aren’t enough to treat PE. While the options

Overview: Amazon is a retail juggernaut, but they’ve been lacking a solid toe-hold in the healthcare arena. Their recently launched prescription drug service, Amazon Pharmacy, is offering Levitra and vardenafil at lower prices, but the savings are mixed., however, offers

Overview: Quitting smoking is tough stuff, but there are some good pharmaceutical options to help smokers quit for good. Today, looks at two popular ones, Chantix (varenicline) and bupropion, to see if they work better together than they do alone. Of

Despite the shockingly high prevalence of erectile dysfunction worldwide, we still don’t have a permanent cure. New surgical techniques offer promising possibilities though, especially for men who haven't had any luck with ED drugs like Viagra. Erectile dysfunction affects over 50 percent