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Genital Herpes: Information and Treatment Options

The herpes simplex-2 virus (HSV-2) and the herpes simplex-1 virus are the two viruses that are responsible for causing genital herpes. Genital herpes (STD) is a sexually transmitted disease (HSV-1). Both viruses are capable of causing infections in the oral or vaginal cavities. HSV is transmitted through oral, vaginal, and anal sex, as well as through kissing and other forms of skin-to-skin contact.

Both men and women are susceptible to the viruss effects. Herpes genitalis can cause discomfort, itching, and sores in the genital region however, some people do not experience any of these symptoms. Even if they dont exhibit any outward symptoms of the illness, a person infected with the virus might still spread it to others.

There is currently no treatment for sexually transmitted infections like genital herpes. After the first infection, the virus will lie dormant within the body for some time before reactivating again. However, it can become active again multiple times per year, which can result in excruciating outbreaks.

Fortunately, there are medications available to treat the symptoms of genital herpes. These medications can help heal the sores, prevent future outbreaks, and reduce the viruss likelihood of being passed on to others.


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Top STD Prescription Medications Prescribed Online by

    Valacyclovir is a prominent antiviral medication used to treat or manage disorders caused by specific strains of viruses. The medication also cures shingles, which are most usually caused by herpes zoster, as well as cold sores, which appear around the mouth.

    Acyclovir is the oral, less expensive version of the brand-name medication Zovirax, which is prescribed to treat and suppress genital herpes and shingles. It can hasten the healing process while also reducing discomfort, itching, and the creation of new sores.

    Herpes zoster and genital herpes infections can both be treated with the oral drug Valtrex (shingles). The method by which the herpes virus replicates itself and spreads is impeded by the use of the medication Valtrex.

    Denavir is an antiviral topical cream that is applied to the lips and face to treat recurring outbreaks of cold sores. It has been demonstrated to heal cold sores in an average of 4.5 days when applied to the affected area every two hours.

    Genital Herpes Causes

    There are two types of herpes simplex viral infections:

    • HSV-1. This virus usually causes sores around the lips and face, but it can also spread to the genital region during oral intercourse.
    • HSV-2. This virus commonly causes genital herpes, spreading through sexual and skin-to-skin contact. Its widespread and highly contagious, even if the infected person does not have a visible sore.

    It is unnecessary to share bodily fluids to become infected with the herpes simplex virus. Because the virus quickly dissipates when it leaves the body, the risk of catching it from an infected persons toilet seat, towel, or another object is shallow.

    Sexual Disease Medications for Genital Herpes

    Antiviral drugs can assist patients in delaying the onset of viral illnesses. Reports show Antivirals lessen the severity of symptoms and hasten the healing of wounds. The following are the primary pharmaceutical treatments for herpes simplex virus infections:

    • Valacyclovir
    • Valtrex

    These medications are intended to be taken orally for seven to ten days. If the wounds have not healed after ten days, your physician may decide to extend the treatment. If the infection is severe, acyclovir medication is administered intravenously as treatment.

    There are two ways to manage the infection long term:

    • Intermittent treatment. In this strategy, your doctor will provide a medication for you to take whenever you experience a flare-up of your condition. It would help if you immediately took tablets orally when you see the first signs of a breakout. The medications speed up the sores healing process and lessen the intensity of the symptoms.
    • Treatment that is suppressive. Your physician may suggest you take antiviral medication daily if you experience recurrent outbreaks. If you regularly experience recurring symptoms, this treatment may help you experience fewer outbreaks. Because the medications in suppressive therapy limit the number of virus cells on the surface of your skin, this therapy also lessens the likelihood that you may infect your partner.


    Symptoms of Sexual Disease: Genital Herpes

    Most people with the herpes simplex virus never know that they are infected because they do not show any symptoms or are so mild they dont even notice them. When symptoms do appear, they can include:

    • Itching, burning, and soreness in the genital area
    • Skin sores and soft wet ulcers when the blisters open
    • Local pain if urine touches the ulcers
    • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin area
    • Headache, fever, muscle aches, and flu-like symptoms
    • Difficulty urinating

    After infection, it may take a few days or weeks before symptoms appear for the first time. Sometimes the sick person wont show any signs for years after infection. After the initial infection, symptomatic individuals will experience at least one further disease episode. Stress, either physical or emotional, can trigger an outbreak.


    Living with Sexual Diseases: Genital Herpes Outbreaks

    During an outbreak, you should abstain from having oral, vaginal, and oral-anal sex. You can have sexual activity between flare-ups nevertheless, you should discuss the potential dangers with your partner. Even when you are not having a breakout, it is still possible for them to become infected. Protecting your and your partners health by always using a condom is essential.

    Several factors can potentially trigger outbreaks, but the triggers are different for everyone. Some common triggers include:

    • Friction from sexual intercourse
    • Hormonal changes
    • A weakened immune system
    • Surgery or trauma to the body

    Genital Herpes Treatments

    Oral medicines, such as Valtrex and Valacyclovir, can be used to treat outbreaks of genital herpes. The most effective treatment for severe infections is intravenous acyclovir, administered by a medical professional. There is also a medicine known as acyclovir ad applied to the skin as a cream however, in most cases, this form of treatment is not as effective as oral medications.

    People suffering from genital herpes should stay out of extreme heat or direct sunshine because these things might worsen the symptoms. Wearing clothing that is light and cold can help ease discomfort and soreness. Additionally, please stay away from scented soaps, feminine deodorants, and douches because they have the potential to irritate the sores. You can alleviate the discomfort caused by symptoms by taking a pain killer available over the counter if they occur during an epidemic.

    People with frequent outbreaks should see a doctor at least once a year because your doctor can help them make treatment choices that suit their unique situation.