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Cultivated in the USA 100% Organic

Environmental factors have a significant impact on mushroom growth. They bioaccumulate environmental particles because of their flesh that is permeable and their mycelial networks that spread far and wide. Some pesticides and toxic metals might be in this. For this reason, we are very picky about the mushrooms we buy we will only use organic, USDA-certified mushrooms that have passed stringent contamination tests. We strongly suggest staying away from non-organic mushrooms.

Live Cultured

The last step is to combine the mushroom extracts with a live kombucha culture that has fifteen different types of probiotics. In order to increase the bioavailability of the nutrients we consume, probiotics function as a "second stomach," predigesting them. We think this amplifies the advantages of our already powerful mushroom extracts. In addition, the beneficial acids produced by bacteria act as a natural preservative, keeping our essential components from breaking down.

Organic mushroom drops, produced in the United States, are quickly gaining popularity as a hassle-free method to include therapeutic mushrooms to ones diet. The essentials are summarized here:

Advantages that may arise:

The precise mushroom combination employed determines the unique health benefits that mushroom drops may offer. The following are a few of the most often reported advantages of medicinal mushrooms:

The beta-glucans found in many mushrooms may have an immune-boosting effect.

Mushrooms abundance of antioxidants makes them an effective weapon against free radicals and, by extension, against the onset of chronic diseases.

Additional advantages: The specific mushroom combination used to make the drops determines whether they help with inflammation, cognitive function, energy levels, or even blood sugar regulation. Nevertheless, additional research is generally necessary because the evidence for these advantages is typically inadequate.