Shelby is a public health professional with research and field experience in sexual and reproductive health. She holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) and is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES).

Prescription drug prices will continue to rise in 2020, but affordable and effective generic options are available online. The year 2020 began with multiple U.S. drug companies planning to hike the prices of more than 200 medications. Market competition dictates prescription

Advancements in technology and medicine over the course of the past decade forged the path for telemedicine. Telemedicine is the term used to describe the practice of medicine via technology, which is used to deliver healthcare from a distance. This

Retired workers petitioned a federal judge to intervene when the City of Cincinnati put forth plans to remove erectile dysfunction medications from their health benefits in June 2019. The city planned to make the cut to health benefits in order

Women aged 60 years and older may experience loss of libido, but both partners can play a role in improving sex drive. Women 60 years of age and older are at high risk for experiencing low sex drive, or a lack

Life stressors contribute to erectile dysfunction but do not have to mean the end of a healthy sex life. Major life stressors are known to negatively affect mental and physical health. Poor mental and physical health is directly related to erectile

Starting New Year’s resolutions early may increase chances for improved physical and sexual health throughout the year. With the year coming to an end, many are starting to contemplate their New Year’s resolutions. Some may choose to focus on improving their

Viagra may be used to treat fetal distress during labor. It is well known that Viagra is effective at treating erectile dysfunction, but it has also been researched for its use in treating other medical conditions. The majority of this research

Smoking contributes to erectile dysfunction and vaping is probably just as harmful to erection health.Erectile dysfunction (ED), or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual activity, is linked to stress, lifestyle factors, and a variety of other

Holiday stress does not have to negatively impact sexual health and intimate relationships. The holidays are meant to be a happy time, but everyone knows they can also bring a hefty amount of stress. Too much stress can negatively affect health,