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Many athletes have used Viagra (sildenafil) to enhance their performance. The theory is that since the drug dilates the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure, it allows oxygen, nutrients, or medications (like steroids) to be delivered more quickly and effectively.

Penis pumps can help you make the most of the anatomy you have and can help with erectile dysfunction, but they are not a magic bullet for a larger penis. They are also useful in treating Peyronie’s disease. In general,

As of August 2020, the current price of a 20mg tablet of Levitra at Costco is $55.32. The price for vardenafil, the generic equivalent, is much lower at $26.52. In general, these prices have been lower than average over the

As of August 2020, a 100mg tablet of Viagra costs $79.42 at Costco. The generic equivalent, sildenafil, is available at less than a third of the price at $24.62. These prices have been fairly consistent over the last year, and

As of August 2020, Costco’s price for Cialis is currently slightly lower than the average major pharmacy at $37.22 per 10mg dose. However, at this time last year it was higher than average. Tadalafil, the generic version of the drug,

Sildenafil, the generic version of Viagra, can be formulated for release under the tongue (sublingual), but these products are not available in the U.S. Studies suggest that sublingual sildenafil can lead to faster results with a lower dose. While sublingual

Viagra won't change your penis size, but it will help make the most of what you have naturally. But there's no need to worry so much about it. Penis size doesn't matter that much to women in the long run,

Suffering from erectile dysfunction is enough to put a damper on any relationship. But sometimes, the problem goes beyond the “plumbing.” If you or you partner suffer from low sex drive, it can be just as difficult as ED.Sexual dysfunction