A new study shows men with shaved heads are perceived as being more masculine, taller and stronger – but not as attractive as a man with thick locks.Three studies, same resultsResearchers conducted three different studies, each asking participants to rate

With the flood of television commercials for Viagra and Cialis on the airwaves, it’s easy to get confused by the messages crammed into a 30 second spot.  Some commercials lead consumers to believe that erection problems, which is described as

Health officials are once again urging people to get a flu shot. This year, the vaccines contain protection against two new strains of the virus that have been detected, according to the Detroit Free Press.Flu cases fluctuateThe severity of the

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health believe tobacco companies are marketing menthol cigarettes to a younger demographic.“Menthol masks the harshness and irritation of cigarettes, allowing delivery of an effective dose of nicotine, the addictive chemical in cigarettes. These

A new study suggests more people would quit smoking if insurance companies or the government pick up the tab for counseling or medications to kick the habit.Dutch government sees successWhen the Dutch government covered the cost of smoking cessation products,

Babies with milk allergies may get some relief from a genetically engineered cow. Researchers in New Zealand have created a cow that doesn’t produce beta-lactoglobulin, a protein known to cause skin and digestive problems in infants.“Daisy” the cowThe cow, named

There are about 34 million Americans in the world that wear contacts. These lightweight lenses allow people to avoid glasses, but they require a certain level of care.  A new survey shows most contact users don’t follow the practices suggested

Doctors are calling it a freak occurrence.  They’re referring to a case where a woman’s breast implant disappeared.  It sounds strange, but it’s true.How it happened A breast cancer survivor had recently had a double mastectomy and had breast implants put

A wealthy Los Angeles business mogul is making a move that could help thousands of cancer patients. Patrick Soon-Shiong, who made his billions as a biotech entrepreneur, has announced the creation of a nationwide system for doctors to share DNA