Study: Menthol cigarettes marketed toward teens

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health believe tobacco companies are marketing menthol cigarettes to a younger demographic.

“Menthol masks the harshness and irritation of cigarettes, allowing delivery of an effective dose of nicotine, the addictive chemical in cigarettes. These milder products were then marketed to the youngest potential consumers,” a recent paper stated.

The study
Lead author Jennifer M. Kreslake, a research analyst, and colleagues from the Tobacco Control Research Program reviewed internal tobacco industry documents on menthol product development, conducted laboratory tests to measure menthol content in cigarettes and examined market research reports.

Their research revealed the tobacco companies knew menthol cigarettes were preferred by younger, newer smokers and decided to market the products to that demographic.

“This is another example of the cynical behavior of the tobacco industry to hook American teens to a deadly addiction,” Dr. George Connolly, Director of the Tobacco Control Research Program, said. “This is after the industry told the American public it had changed its marketing practices.”

Smoking related deaths
Tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of death globally. According to the National Cancer Institute, in the U.S. smoking-related illnesses account for an estimated 438,000 deaths each year.  An estimated 25.9 million men and 20.7 million women in the U.S. are smokers, according to the American Heart Association.

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