Green Coffee Bean Craze

If you haven’t heard about it yet, green coffee beans are being touted as the new weight loss trend. Sold as a supplement, recent clinical trials have shown people can lose up to 10 percent of their body weight by taking the pill daily for five months.

Dr. Oz mentioned the supplement on his show, which has created a lot of interest at health food stores and vitamin outlets. The talk show host claims the supplement can help burn fat faster. While research is still ongoing, side effects have been reported.

Jitters and jumpiness, a side effect

Researchers at Perfect Supplements are investigating complaints that the green coffee bean supplement causes jitters and an upset stomach. The supplement has less caffeine than a cup of coffee so researchers were surprised to hear about these side effects.

“When we started to look at the green coffee bean supplements that people were taking, we noticed that they had all types of additional ingredients. Many of the supplements were spiked with high levels of caffeine and we concluded that it was the other ingredients in the supplements that were causing the side effects,” states Lewis Charles of Perfect Supplements.

The long term side effects of the supplement are unknown. More studies are needed, but because green coffee bean falls under the vitamin/supplement category, it doesn’t have to go through rigorous FDA testing.

Green coffee bean extract in traditional coffee

The supplements have become quite popular, but fairly recently Starbuck started adding green coffee bean extract to its coffee. The java giant marketed the product as a natural energy boost.

How the supplement works

It’s not the boost of caffeine that jump starts metabolism, its actually an ingredient called chlorogenic acid, which kicks metabolism into high gear. Of course, exercise and diet are still suggested as the traditional and safest way to lose weight.

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