Drinking and Weight Loss: A List of the Worst Beverages for your Body

Sugar, weight, fat, diabetes, soda, healthIf you are one of the many people who stop at a fast food chain for a quick lunch and order a salad with honey mustard dressing, fried chicken pieces and a diet soda, you should know by now that you’re doing it all wrong. Many articles focus in on the foods we consume that can cause unhealthy weight gain and a slew of health problems but this article is about what we drink. Often times we, as consumers overlook our liquid diets and assume that since it comes in a small cup and doesn’t fill us up, it doesn’t count. You are very wrong.

Lattes, Blended Drinks and Frozen Treats

Getting a skim milk latte and not adding sugar to it is the way to go if you don’t like black coffee. If you opt for a blended coffee drink made with whole milk, a shot of chocolate and a swirl of caramel covered whipped cream, you might as well just eat some donuts, as they both have about the same amount of calories and health benefits. If you have to have the frilly drink, get skim milk, sugar free syrup and skimp on the whipped cream.

Mixed Drinks

So you’re not a beer person and you don’t enjoy consuming straight liquor. You probably get rum and cokes or fancy mixed cocktails with huge amounts of sugar and no healthy benefits. Wine is by far the healthiest choice when it comes to drinking alcohol. If wine isn’t your thing, try drinking a light beer. The darker the beer, the more calories and carbs it will have, generally speaking. If you have to have a mix drink, opt for soda water with a lime or diet soda with low carb and calorie alcohol. Alcohol creates an unhealthy spike in blood sugar as it is metabolized, creating other heath problems. Drink in moderation and always remember to drink a glass of water per alcoholic drink.Sugar, weight, fat, diabetes, soda, health


This is a no-brainer. It is a can of empty calories and useless carbs. Combine both of these ingredients and watch your muffin top overflow. Stay away from all soda, even diet soda if you are trying to lose weight. Aspartame is an ingredient in most low calorie drinks and is entirely bad for you and has been proven to slow weight loss.


Everyone thinks replacing a meal with a smoothie will save you a ton of calories and fat. The fat part is true but the amount of calories in a regular smoothie is about 700. That’s about a third of your daily requirement. Fruit has high amounts of sugar and often times extra ingredients are added for flavor to smoothies. The end result is something entirely unhealthy that will spike your blood sugar and actually make you gain weight.

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