Unique Weightloss Success Story: Roller Derby Captain Drops 100 Pounds

Millions of American attempt to diet each year.

Millions of American attempt to diet each year.

Roller Derby has become quite popular across the U.S. The rough and tumble sport was something that always interested pre-school teacher Regina Frazer, so she signed up to play. At the time she was 260 pounds. Now, the hot-shot skater known as saBOBtage, is 100 pounds lighter and trying to inspire others to lose weight.

Frazer makes a decision

In Fairbanks, Alaska Frazer decided to try her hand at the sport in 2009.

“My teammates liked my size — I could use my weight to move people and be in their way,” Frazer told CNN. “But I couldn’t move very fast.”

The skater felt winded after a few dozen trips around the track and decided it was time to make some changes.

“It just kind of hit me,” she says. “I needed to be a leader, and I felt like I needed to be an athletic leader. That was kind of the turning point.”

Making changes

With the help of her husband and 14-year-old son, Frazer started exercising and eating right.

“It’s been incredible,” says Frazer’s teammate Kristen Thomas, a.k.a. Qwerty. “She went from an overweight asthmatic who was on the slower side… to become one of the fastest skaters that we have.”

“I think she’s always had fun,” her teammate Thomas says. “Now she feels empowered to do whatever she puts her mind to. She doesn’t feel as limited. She’s faster on her feet. She’s more comfortable in her body.”

Diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss, according to medical experts.

Diet and exercise are the keys to weight loss, according to medical experts.

Frazer’s husband and son, who never miss a match, have also lost weight. It no longer bothers Frazer to whip around the rink.

“I would go home at the end of the day feeling so tired,” she says. “Now it doesn’t even faze me. My energy level is so outstanding — I love it!”

See pictures of her transformation here.

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