Enough About Red. Does White Wine Have Health Benefits Too?

It seems that a new health benefit of drinking red wine is reported every month, but what about the health benefits of white wine?

Drinking wine in moderation (1-3 glasses per day) has been proven to reduce bad cholesterol, raise good cholesterol, act as an anti-coagulant, reduce cardiovascular disease, and reduce various forms of cancer. While red wine is usually credited with having these benefits, white wine delivers the same results.

A study done by doctors at the University at Buffalo noted that drinking white wine can result in better lung function. The same was noted for red wine, but the benefit was shown to be stronger from drinking white wine. The antioxidants in both red and white wines promote cardiovascular health, and while red wine is said to contain more antioxidants, some studies say that the antioxidants in white wine are just as effective as those in red wines.

Both white and red wines can be quite beneficial health-wise, but wine isn’t for everyone. Certain medical conditions can be worsened by wine, such as diabetes, migranes, and breast cancer. People who have these conditions, or are at high risk for developing these conditions, should speak with a physician before consuming wine.

To note another potential hazard, red wine has been known to potentially stain teeth, but a new study by dental scientists from the New York University College of Dentistry shows that white wine can also make it easier for other beverages like tea and coffee to stain teeth. Both red and white wine contain acids that can create rough spots, making teeth more susceptible to stains, but red wine is still more likely to cause stains because it contains chromagen, a highly pigmented substance.

With its mortality-reducing benefits, a daily glass of wine can be a healthy choice. While reds seem to get all the attention, people who prefer white wines can happily enjoy their preference, because the health benefits of wine can be found in both.

Jason McClellan


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