Recent Dieting Trends

Weight loss supplements are the latest fat-burning trend.

Weight loss supplements are the latest fat-burning trend.

If you’re looking for a new dieting option, you’ll want to check out these recent fat-busting trends.

Dieting Supplement: Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones are creating quite a buzz in the supplement world. After Dr. Oz promoted them on his television show, the products have been flying off the shelves. Media outlets have reported on ‘ketone craze’ as people looking to drop weight quickly buy bottle after bottle.

“When a body is starving for sugar, ketones take over and help breakdown the next best source of energy: stored fat,” International Business News explains. “The body produces ketones during starvation or fasting and also during long bouts of physical training.” Simple put, raspberry ketones can make the body release fat from fat cells.

Weight Loss Supplement: 7-keto DHEA

A new dieting supplement is proving effective for those with weak metabolism. The supplement doesn’t have a catchy name, it’s called 7-keto DHEA, and it’s the latest supplement to garner headlines for its ability to shed pounds.

As we age, our metabolism slows. The sluggish metabolism can increase weight gain and weak muscles, but this supplement can ramp up metabolism and help people drop unwanted weight. It’s not a cure-all, it only amplifies the work of exercise and diet.

FDA Approved Dieting Pill: Osymia

A new weight loss pill is now available at your doctor’s office. The FDA approved Qsymia in July. The drug has been shown to help obese people drop an average of 20 pounds.

Consumers need a prescription to get this new diet pill and it’s only being prescribed for people who are in serious need of dieting.

Talk with your doctor for more advice on safe dieting.

Talk with your doctor for more advice on safe dieting.

“Obesity is not being adequately addressed by diet and lifestyle changes or currently available therapies,” the Vivus, Qsymia’s maker told CNN. “The need for new options is urgent, particularly nonsurgical options.”