Zyban praised by former smokers

Decades ago research on the harmful effects of smoking wasn’t available.  Smoking wasn’t just accepted; it was a social norm and a status symbol to many.  Now, times have changed and many smokers are being pressured to quit.  Prices of cigarettes are going up, and many states have launched anti-smoking campaigns, banning smoking inside bars and restaurants.

Kicking the habit isn’t easy, but many former smokers suggest using Zyban to help quit.  This pill helps smokers deal with the side effects of quitting.  Here’s what real people had to say about Zyban on WebMd.

Comments from former smokers
“I am 66 and have smoked since I was 17. I was smoking 25 a day. I have in the past tried to stop by going cold turkey and by hypnosis with no success,” one smoker said.  “I took Zyban for a week then stopped smoking, just like that I became a nonsmoker. It’s been a month now and I have no cravings whatever. The only side effects have been slight morning nausea and a tendency to sweat more than usual.”

“I have tried to quit smoking a million times,” another smoker wrote.  “I would stop for a week or a month then start back up.  Since I have been taking Zyban I haven’t had any problems not smoking.  I don’t have cravings.  I don’t even want them.”

“I had been smoking for 38 years and could not quit due to severe withdrawal symptoms,” a Zyban user wrote.  “I was prescribed Zyban and the nicotine patch.  It’s been two months and I haven’t wanted to light up.  I have no cravings.  It’s the best thing I ever did.”

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