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The Facts Say COVID Vaccine DOES NOT Cause Male Infertility


  • Despite Internet rumors, the COVID-19 vaccine does not cause male infertility. 
  • The COVID-19 virus can comprise sperm count and sperm quality, which can cause male infertility.
  • The COVID-19 virus can also lead to sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction (ED). 
  • It’s important to get vaccinated to protect yourself from COVID-19 and any resulting complications, such as male infertility. 

Despite misinformation on social media and online, getting the COVID vaccine will NOT affect your sperm count or male fertility. The false rumors that the COVID vaccine causes infertility were started by anti-vaxxers and have been disproven. Yet they still circulate.

Ironically, the COVID virus itself, and not the vaccine, can negatively affect your sperm. So if you’re worried about protecting your manhood, not getting the vaccination is the riskier choice.  

This article covers the relationship between COVID-19, the COVID vaccine, and male fertility. Read on to learn more about protecting your fertility by getting vaccinated.

Can the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Infertility?

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Rumors that the COVID vaccine negatively affects sperm quality and count have been proven false. The COVID vaccine has been proven safe and effective at reducing risk of severe illness for the vast majority of adults. Vaccine side effects do not include male infertility.

A recent study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, demonstrated that the COVID vaccine does not cause male infertility. The researchers assessed the sperm volume, concentration, motility, and count of 45 healthy adult men prior to COVID-19 vaccination and following vaccination. After monitoring the full life cycle of sperm, the authors did not find any significant decreases in the participants’ sperm volume, concentration, motility, or count.

Key takeaway: Healthy men do not need to worry about their sperm count or quality being negatively affected by COVID vaccination.

Can COVID-19 Cause Male Infertility?

Recent research published in the World Journal of Men’s Health shows that COVID-19 can potentially cause both erectile dysfunction (ED) and male infertility. This is because the virus can invade your testis tissue, disrupting your reproductive and erectile function. Additional research, published in The Lancet, demonstrated that COVID-19 can impair sperm production in men recovering from the virus.

Additional research is needed to determine the full extent of risk COVID-19 poses to male fertility and erectile function. Researchers must also determine the full extent to which COVID-19 can affect male testosterone levels. For now, researchers caution that several viral infections have been known to negatively affect male fertility, so COVID-19 should not be taken lightly. 

Male sperm count is already on the decline worldwide. Medications like Viagra have been shown to treat ED and potentially increase sperm motility. If you’re worried about your risk of ED and infertility after COVID-19, you should speak with a provider about your treatment options.

Key takeaway: Your sperm count and quality could be negatively affected by the COVID-19 virus.

How Can I Protect Myself from COVID-19?

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The best way to protect yourself from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. Period. Currently, there are three COVID vaccines approved by the FDA in the United States. Each vaccine has been shown to be safe, effective, and able to reduce your risk of severe illness.  

Even after you are fully vaccinated, you should take precautions against COVID-19. You can also protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19 by:

  • Continuing to take precautions while traveling
  • Following COVID guidelines at work and in public
  • Limiting your social interactions to people who are fully vaccinated
  • Staying home if you or a household member are sick with COVID symptoms
  • Wearing a mask on planes, public transportation, or in crowded places

Key takeaway: Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, but you can also take additional precautions to reduce risk to yourself and your loved ones.

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