There’s a Better Way Than Restrictive Dieting, Sarah Currie

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Podcast Synopsis:

Sarah Currie a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer joins the show. She holds a master’s in clinical nutrition from New York University. After working in clinical nutrition at both Methodist and St. Luke’s Hospitals, Currie now directs the Nutrition and Post Rehabilitation services for Physical Equilibrium, LLC, a New York City fitness boutique offering a diversity of personal training, nutritional and post-rehabilitation services among other healthy-lifestyle programs.


Sarah Currie discusses & answers the following:

  • With all the different diets available on the market, why are so many Americans overweight or obese?
  • Is there a better approach to weight loss than restrictive dieting?
  • Is weight loss as simple as calories in vs calories out? Where do carbohydrates fit in?
  • What is better for weight loss, eating less or exercising more?
  • What are some of the bigger struggles you see your clients/patients having with weight loss?
  • Special Tip in Conclusion…

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