Gaining Weight Concerns After You Quit Smoking, Frayda Kafka

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Frayda Kafka, completely smoke free since 1976, she was a three pack a day Camel smoker!  She is a therapeutic hypnotist who has been helping smokers quit for over 30 years.


Frayda Kafka is a certified therapeutic  hypnotist  who has worked therapeutically for more than 30 years with thousands of people, both in groups and individually, in New York City, New Jersey, the Virgin Islands, Florida and the Hudson Valley.  After moving Upstate in 1972, she began practicing hypnosis, childbirth education and stress management in addition to her individual psychotherapy, singles coaching, matchmaking and group work.

She has trained professionals in the use of self-hypnosis, and stress management at Mount Sinai, Benedictine Hospital, Northern Dutchess Hospital Birthing Center, Bard College, The Mental Health Associations of Ulster and Dutchess Counties, Hospice and other public and private institutions. She is also a Tobacco Free  ‘Fresh Start’ counselor.

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