Interview with Relationship Advisor and Love Coach Dr. MP Wylie

Interview with Relationship Advisor and Love Coach Dr. MP Wylie. This interview is one in a series of expert interviews on the blog. We add new interviews on a regular basis. Please see our complete list of insightful interviews.

1. In your opinion, is there such thing as a “soul mate?” If so, is there one soul mate for every person, or might there be many?

I do believe in “soul mates” – meaning someone that we can soulfully connect to, share similar beliefs, emotionally connect with, and have a deep understanding of one another. Soul mates may not recognize one another immediately and may need to get to know one another on a deeper level to connect soulfully. I also believe we have many soul mates; some may even be of the same sex, such as deep friendships.

2. Once the magic of new-found love wears off, how can couples keep the relationship strong?

As the new-found oceanic feeling of love wears off, which in most cases it does, couples need to have the skills to keep intimacy alive. There are many communication programs available, yet the one I’ve found that develops true intimacy (in-to-me-see) is the Relationship Enhancement program called Mastering the Mysteries of Love and I recommend every couple to take it, even before entering marriage.

3. What advice would you give to singles that have all but given up on finding that special someone?

The time when singles “give up” on finding that special someone is often when they actually find him or her. What I hope is that singles not “settle” for what they truly desire in a life partner. The Journey to Love: Attracting & Building Loving Relationships program assists singles in getting clear with what they truly desire in a partner and a relationship. We often attract what we don’t want, because we haven’t yet learned the lessons of what we truly do want.

4. Since raising children can tax even the strongest relationships, what are three Must-Do tips for couples looking to re-spark their marriage during or after raising kids?

Daily quality times together, just the two of you, even if it’s to just talk about your day. • Commit to weekly date nights. Get a babysitter and I suggest picking a week night, because you’re less likely to be interrupted by family or friends that want to join you. • Get away time just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation. It could be a weekend road trip and stay at a Bed & Breakfast. Getting away allows you time to sleep in, have leisure sex, relax together, talk about future dreams and goals and have fun as a couple. Plan several mini get-a-ways throughout the year or a yearly week- or two-week long vacation.

5. With our population aging, what are some things couples can do to keep their relationship together while in retirement and/or while caring for ill parents?

Couples need to put themselves first.

About Dr. MP Wylie –

Dr. MP Wylie has been researching what creates the success of loving marriages for over 30 years. Her Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University and her double-masters and B.A. from Ottawa University make her uniquely qualified to teach on how to bring more love, happiness and fulfillment into other people’s lives.

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