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Staxyn vs. Stendra: Which One is Best for You?

Before taking a medication, you should know it thoroughly.

When supporting your sexual health, you’ve got several pharmaceutical options as part of your regimen to reduce erectile dysfunction. That said, each medication is different and needs to be fully understood before you speak with a doctor about medication. Let’s look at Staxyn and Stendra to better understand why.

Staxyn vs. Stendra: The Basics

Generic NameAvanafilVardenafil
Other Brands/GenericsNoneLevitra and generic versions
Standard Dosage100 mg taken orally10 mg or 5mg if patient uses alpha-blockers
Maximum Dose200 mg20 mg
Dose Timing15-30 minutes before sexApproximately 60 minutes before sex
Other notesNot recommended for daily use
May contain phenylalanine

Similarities of Stendra and Staxyn

Both Staxyn and Stendra are PDE5 inhibitors, which prevent an enzyme in the body from acting. This allows more blood flow throughout the body, including the penis, assisting with erectile dysfunction. This similar mechanism also means Staxyn and Stendra have some of the same concerns, effects, and cautions. Both medications:

  • Are contraindicated for medications related to pulmonary arterial hypertension and nitrate medications.
  • Generally require a doctor’s consult if the patient has chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, pulmonary hypertension, or heart disease.
  • Have similar common side effects, including headache, flushing, indigestion, and stuffy nose or sneezing.
  • Have roughly the same risk of rarer and more severe side effects, including visual impairment due to blood pressure dropping in the eye, hearing loss, and priapism (an erection lasting more than four hours).
  • Neither should be taken more than once a day at any dosage. If you need a daily medication, speak to your doctor about other options.
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Differences Between Stendra and Staxyn

There are two big differences between Stendra and Staxyn for consumers to consider — dose timing and economics.

Stendra can be taken closer to sex, as short a timeframe as fifteen minutes before, and will take effect faster than Staxyn, which generally needs an hour or so. While these times are ranges and how effective they are will depend on your individual biochemistry, this can be taken as a rule of thumb.

The second difference is economic. While Staxyn is available under other brand names and a generic version is available, Stendra is still under patent. Depending on where you buy, you can expect a higher price for Stendra due to lack of competition.

Which ED Medication is Right for You?

Beyond this, the differences are likely to vary from person to person. While all PDE5 inhibitors will have the same ultimate outcome, some patients may experience fewer side effects with one compared to another, or another may be more effective. Similarly, everyone’s sexual health is different, which is why doctors will generally recommend medication in the short term and lifestyle changes in the long term.

Buying lifestyle medication online is a good way to try different medications while protecting your privacy. To learn more about your sexual health and online medication, visit our Staxyn and Stendra pages, call us for a free telehealth consultation at 1-800-467-5146, or learn more about all of your ED medication options here.

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