Lowering Your Cholesterol May Improve Your Erection

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, statin medication, which is normally prescribed to lower cholesterol and decrease the chance of heart attack and stroke, also improves a man’s erectile health. Previous studies had suggested a negative correlation between erectile health and statin therapy, but the researchers at Rutgers reveal they have managed to find the opposite.

“Older men who have poor cardiovascular health, diabetes or metabolic syndrome often experience erectile health issues – and the prevalence of these diseases is expected to increase,” said John B. Kostis, professor of medicine, director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the study’s principal investigator. “Our research indicates that statins not only improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack, but also improve erectile health in the men included in our analysis.”

For the study, the researchers analyzed 11 randomized, controlled trials that measured erectile health and statins. The team found a “statistically significant effect” of statins on erectile health in men who also suffered from high cholesterol.

As to why statins are so effective in helping men who suffer from erectile problems, the researchers believe statins help by allowing blood vessels to properly dilate, allowing blood to flow more easily to the penis.

But until further research is conducted to determine the link between statin therapy and the improvement of erectile health, Kostis cautioned doctors against prescribing statins for erectile issues alone or when it may be caused by psychosocial factors.

“Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle is the best method to prevent disease, including erectile issues,” said Kostis. “But statin therapy has been proven to provide long-term benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease and the detrimental consequences associated with it. Offering statin therapy to improve erectile function may extend these benefits further.”

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