Loss of Erections: Causes, Pill Treatments and Medications

Erection difficulties is the inability to get or keep an erection.  It’s a problem that was a taboo topic, but in recent years as treatments have become available, the stigma associated with the condition is beginning to lessen.

Causes of Male Erection Difficulties
There are many causes of loss of erection problems and some men have several issues both physical and emotion that trigger the condition.  Some of the most common causes are: heart disease, clogged blood vessels, high blood pressure, obesity, low testosterone, stress, fatigue and relationship problems.

The domino effect
When a man struggles in the bedroom it often wreaks havoc on his self-esteem.  It’s not an easy topic to discuss with anyone let alone a partner, but honesty is often the best way to avoid added stress.  A healthy sex life is important in any relationship and it’s not difficult to understand struggles between the sheets often generate struggles in other aspects of a relationship.  Erection difficulties can have a domino effect on a man; once one falls, so do others.

The solution
Talk to your doctor and to your partner.  When making an appointment with a physician, take your partner along too.  An open and honest dialogue about ED is often the quickest way to resolve it.  When talking with a doctor, there are a few questions every man should ask:
What is causing my Erection Problems?
What kinds of tests can be done to check out this problem?
What is the best course of action?

The solution
A doctor can help find the best solution, but often the answer is medicationViagra, Cialis and Levitra are all well-known medications that can treat loss of erection problems.  Some pills work within an hour of taking them, others take a little longer to kick in.  Your doctor can tell you what is best for you.

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