Man Says Wife’s Breast Milk Cured His Erectile Dysfunction

An Ohio man claims drinking breast milk straight from his wife’s breast has cured his erectile dysfunction. The couple, Jeff and Michelle, is featured on the season three premier of TLC’s Strange Sex.


How it All Started

Jeff, who doesn’t want his last name used, says he got the idea to drink Michelle’s breast milk after their first child was born. “Michelle was nursing her, and it was something I felt like, you now what, I’d actually like try it,” Jeff says on the show.

“The first time I breast-fed from Michelle, I just latched on and the milk started flowing. It was such a turn on, I had to stop, otherwise I would have finished right then and there,” according to Mail Online. “It was that much of a turn on.”

His wife wasn’t sure how she would feel about it, but claims after they gave it a try, she also enjoyed it.

“Our daughter was probably six months old the first time he breastfed from me,” she says. “I told him if I don’t like it, you’re not going to be able to do it. But when Jeff started feeding from me, it was very erotic.”

A Treatment or a Fetish?

According to news reports, the couple was rejected from the show once before. At that time, Jeff was reportedly using vampirism to treat his erectile dysfunction. Rather than sucking milk from his wife’s breasts, he would bite them.

“There are individuals out there that get turned on by feet, spanking, and cars. I get turned on by drinking my wife’s breast milk and getting her pregnant,” Jeff said.

Doctors say there are hundreds of sexual fetishes, and this is yet another one on the list. At this point, there is no scientific evidence that suggests breast milk can treat erectile dysfunction. Still, it has people talking. One thing we do know helps erectile dysfunction: prescription medications like Viagra. If you’re interested in ordering Viagra or other prescription ED medications online, we encourage you to visit today!

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