How to Get Low-Cost Trials for Male Loss of Erection Treatment Drugs

There are ways to try out medications for erectile dysfunction (ED) without breaking the bank. While offers from manufacturers are becoming rarer, sometimes they offer coupons on their websites. Doctors’ offices sometimes have coupons as well. Online facilitators like have competitive prices and allow you to try out small quantities of the medications so you can “test drive” the medications before committing to a larger order.¬†


Prescription drugs for male loss of erection treatments (ED) can be expensive, so it’s only natural that most men who are considering taking Viagra, Levitra, Staxyn, or Cialis would want to try out the medication before spending money on them.

While free samples of drugs like Viagra are rarely offered by the manufacturers themselves, the companies’ websites often have offers for discounts that can be applied to purchases at pharmacies.

Viagra Offers Coupons Through Pfizer

The home page of contains an offer that allows users to claim a coupon good for 50% off for up to 12 prescriptions of Viagra. That means that if a man were to receive a monthly, refillable Viagra prescription, he could go for a year only paying half the standard rate.

Levitra Offers

As of November 2018, does not contain any discount offers for Levitra. At the bottom of the page, however, is a link to a program administered by GSK (Glaxo-SmithKline) that helps people afford their prescription drugs. Currently, there are no offers for discounts on Levitra, but it’s probably worth checking the site periodically, just in case.

Staxyn Offers

As with Levitra, discount offers for Staxyn are sometimes available on the official website. However, at this time there is not such an offer, so you’ll need to check back periodically. Also, as with Levitra, physicians sometimes have free samples of the medication to give patients. To check for free offers, click on the “Healthcare Professionals” tab on, choose “For Your Patients,” and then scroll down to Consumer Savings Programs. Click on “View All Offers” and then click on “Go to GSK coupons and other offers” to see if there are any free offers for Staxyn.

Doctors and pharmacists may know of discount programs for which you’re eligible.

Cialis Offers

Cialis is not currently offering free trials or discounts for people who want to try the drug. But it may be worthwhile to check periodically at in case that changes.

Other Options for Trying Out ED Drugs

Doctors may or may not have free samples of ED medications that they can hand out to patients. If they don’t, it’s worth asking if they have coupons for prescription savings, because these can make the cost of trying out ED medications much lower.

Keep in mind that with “free trial” offers like these, you still have to visit your physician, which can be costly depending on your health insurance, and which requires you to schedule time off work.

Another option for trying out these medications at a low cost is using a trusted, secure online facilitator like We contract with US-licensed pharmacists and physicians, and dispenses genuine FDA-approved Viagra, Levitra, Staxyn, and Cialis and offers trial packs at competitive prices. These products are shipped (often on the same day) securely and discreetly, with an ultimate commitment to patient privacy. For many men, this is the simplest way to try out popular male loss of erection treatment drugs at low cost.

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