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Can Your Relationship Survive Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?


  • Temporary erectile dysfunction can be a one-off or recurring difficulty getting and/or maintaining an erection.
  • Temporary ED can have physical, emotional, medical, and lifestyle causes. 
  • Temporary erectile dysfunction can lead to relationship tensions and problems. 
  • Good intimate communication helps you get through this challenging time. 
  • Even if your ED is temporary, get a medical assessment to understand the causes. 
  • Modern ED treatments allow you to enjoy sex while dealing with erectile problems. 

For some men, erectile dysfunction is a chronic condition. For others, erectile problems are temporary. While ED can put a strain on a relationship, it can also be a chance to bring you closer together. In this article, we’ll offer top tips for couples dealing with temporary erectile dysfunction.

What Is Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction happens when you cannot get an erection. Sometimes you can get hard but only for a short time, or your hard-ons are unreliable. While long-term ED is something you must live with for years, temporary ED affects you over shorter periods.

Temporary erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors:

  • Physical (cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions)
  • Psychological (such as depression or performance anxiety)
  • Lifestyle (smoking, drinking too much, obesity)
  • Medication-related (side effects of some medicines)

Temporary erectile dysfunction may come as a surprise to you and your partner, especially if you are young and healthy. Most men don’t realize that ED is not just a problem for seniors. One day, you go from enjoying regular lovemaking to struggling to get hard. This sudden change can take a toll on a couple.

ED Can Lead to Relationship Problems

Intimacy is an important element of most relationships. It helps you bond with your partner and keeps the hot, fun atmosphere alive. When penetrative sex is no longer on the sexual menu, things can take a turn for the worse.

Following are some common relationship problems temporary ED can cause.

You May Start Avoiding Sex

When something that was so easy suddenly becomes difficult, you may get anxious. The natural reaction is to avoid penetrative sex when problems arise. This is a defense mechanism. Why risk another disappointment and feelings of shame or guilt?

If you notice you’re avoiding intimacy, it’s time to act, as this will only make things worse between you and your partner.

Your Partner May Feel Insecure

While ED is something that affects your body, your partner may also suffer as a result of these problems. She or he may think your sudden inability to have sex is their fault. They may worry that you don’t find them attractive anymore. This can cause them to act in unusual ways. For example, your partner may become tense or distant.

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You May Argue More Often

What happens when two people are not getting enough sex and worry about the future of their relationship? You get a lot of stress and arguments. At first, you may not realize that a sudden increase in quarreling “over nothing” is linked to ED.

But this is your distressed nervous system speaking. When you’re anxious about something, small issues can grow and lead to frequent fights.

You May Feel More Jealous 

Erectile dysfunction can shake your confidence. It’s likely you will start feeling like a bad lover and partner. This could lead to increased jealousy. You may become suspicious of your partner’s behavior, imagining he or she is cheating.

They may not realize you feel this way and wonder why you seem resentful and controlling all of a sudden.

Your Relationship Problems Increase

ED is like a temperature check for relationships. If you two were OK before sexual problems started, you’re likely to go through this difficult phase more smoothly. But if your life together was already shaky, ED will only exacerbate your pre existing issues.

How to Deal With Temporary ED in Your Relationship

When you first get erectile dysfunction, you may want to “just wait it out.” Don’t do that. Even if your problems go away on their own, chances are high they’ll come back. Use this time to improve your relationship and heal the issues you’ve been reluctant to address before.

Here are some tips to get started:

Embrace the Embarrassment

Good communication is key for couples struggling with ED. But it’s also the hardest thing to master. It can feel embarrassing to talk about your bedroom difficulties. You may not have the right words to describe your problems and feelings.

When it comes to intimate communication, honesty is your best policy. If you feel embarrassed, say so. Admitting discomfort will help ease the tension.

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Discover New Ways to Be Sexual

Erectile dysfunction is a chance to update your understanding of sex. Does it always have to be about penetration? Of course not! You can do lots of sexy and fun things without an erect penis. Try a tantric massage, sex toys, or some kinky play. There’s so much to discover!

Find Ways to Connect Outside the Bedroom

Use the temporary lack of intercourse to reconnect with your partner outside the bedroom. Go on romantic dates, have deep conversations, do fun things together.

When was the last time you did something silly or crazy? Enjoy taking a rollercoaster ride, or laugh and make a mess in the kitchen while cooking a meal together. You will create cherished memories that will help you get through this challenging time.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes the tension in your relationship gets so high that only professional counseling can help. Talking to a therapist can help you manage your own feelings connected to erectile dysfunction. Taking couple’s counseling with your partner will help you improve communication skills and understand one another better.

Finding the Right Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, even temporary, is a sign that something is happening with your body or mind. See the doctor to understand the causes of your ED. Often lifestyle changes are all you need to prevent these problems in the future.

Don’t wait to solve the underlying causes of erectile difficulties. Modern ED treatments, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and others, make it possible for men with temporary erectile dysfunction to enjoy sex. We’re here to help.

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