5 Habits to Improve Your Sex Life

Simple modifications to your day-to-day lifestyle can often improve your sex life significantly. Here are a few suggestions about how to get started.

Improving your sex life doesn’t necessarily mean you have to head to a sex therapist or go on an expensive romantic getaway. It can be as simple as creating lifestyle changes, like replacing bad habits with healthy ones. Here are five lifestyle modifications to consider making immediately that could decrease erectile dysfunction issues, increase libido, and improve your sex life.

Ditch the cigarettes: Smoking doesn’t just hurt your lungs; it also lowers your libido and can cause erectile dysfunction by narrowing the blood vessels, which can lead to damage in the veins and arteries. The blood vessels in your penis are especially vulnerable to smoking, but quitting can help almost immediately.

Hit the gym: Exercising regularly isn’t just about staying fit and attractive to the opposite sex; it’s about keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. Good oxygen levels and blood flow are vital for erections.

If you’re not a gym sort of person, consider swimming at the local YMCA or community center, going for hikes or cycling.

Manage stress: Stress raises adrenaline levels and cortisol, which can both harm your sex life.

You can’t always cut back on things that cause stress, like work or bills, but you can try some stress management techniques. Yoga, meditation, or walks through nature can all help your sex life by releasing healing hormones.

Limit your alcohol: Cut back on your alcohol consumption if you’re having more than one or two drinks a night. Alcohol is a depressant, and too much can also raise your anxiety levels. Consider switching to red wine, which contains flavonoids that have been shown to help decrease your risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. 

Get enough sleep: If you’re not getting enough sleep—or enough quality sleep due to stress, caffeine or sleep apnea—talk to your doctor. Lack of sleep can contribute to ED and lower your sex drive.

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