Genital Warts – Best Treatments

Written by:  Daniel Williams, MD

If you have genital warts, no one needs to tell you about how detrimental they can be. Genital warts can be caused by many things, such as Human Papillomavirus (HPV), syphilis, cancer and benign skin tags. Over 90 percent of genital warts, however, are cause by two strains of HPV. A physician needs to see them and may perform some laboratory analyses to make the diagnosis.

Warts can be treated, even those caused by HPV. Sometimes physicians can focus on the diagnosis of the warts and preventing the spread of the virus, but they don’t always prescribe proven remedies that can minimize the warts themselves.

There are two classes of medications you will want to be aware of to treat genital warts. Valtrex minimizes genital warts by stopping rapidly dividing cells (antimitotic). This medication can be applied as a local cream and it comes in different strengths. Ask your physician about Valtrex and which medication strength may be best for you.

Another class of medication is Acyclovir, a newer medication. It is an immune response modifier and works by interfering with an indirect method of wart growth, the local cellular consequences of the virus’ presence. This medicine is also applied in a topical cream, so discuss this option with your physician to see if it will work best for you.

Neither Acyclovir nor Valtrex are guaranteed to make your warts completely disappear, but may make a significant impact in their overall size and number. The medications could be prescribed simultaneously, but this is seldom done. Your doctor might consider allowing you to try both of them, separately, in order to determine which one works better. These medications are available at, where they are prescribed by U.S.-licensed physicians after you fill out a medical questionnaire. The medications can be shipped discretelty right to your door.

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