How to Find a Safe Online Pharmacy for Prescription Medications

Written by: Daniel Williams, MD

Many people are leery of, or don’t know how, to find a safe online pharmacy. Very often, people search in online search engines such as Google only to find more than 26 million results. How do you sort through them to find which ones are reputable, safe and legal?

The Federal Bureau of Investigations, in coordination with the Food & Drug Administration, has been cracking down on illegal pharmacies that often use counterfeit, unregulated products. You need to find out if the online pharmacy is trustworthy and handles only credible, legitimate products!

Verify that your online pharmacy provides only brand-name medications, not illegal, non-FDA approved “generic equivalents” manufactured in other countries with no oversight or regulation. These illegal, counterfeit medications often contain unknown and harmful ingredients. Be sure that you use a secure, online ordering system to prevent fraud and identity theft. The website should have a “Secure Certified” seal that you can click on to determine if the site is approved, and therefore safe.

If a website offers to sell you prescription medication and allows you to buy it without a prescription, do not use them. A doctor must write prescriptions for safety reasons. Alternatively, you can use where you can order Viagra online along with other non-controlled lifestyle medications. Place an order for it first, then fill out a medical questionnaire that a U.S. licensed physician will review before they consider writing your prescription.

Safe online pharmacies like and are located in the U.S., provide a phone number and business address and have processed hundreds of thousands of online orders. Both of these sites are known to provide excellent customer service and brand-name medications such as Viagra and Cialis. And they are certified secure and use U.S.-licensed physicians to write prescriptions.

Lastly, beware of sponsored ads in Google (known ad Adwords). Just about anyone can open an account for these Adwords and begin to sell fraudulent medication without any oversight. Therefore, go with trusted professionals that use all of the above safety guidelines, and more. is a trusted U.S. online pharmacy with a successful track record of more than a decade.

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