What are the Leading Causes of Male Loss of Erection Issues

Vascular issues are behind most cases of erectile dysfunction (ED). Other causes may also contribute, but for most men, ED is a circulatory problem.

Written by: Daniel Williams, MD

Erection issues means the inability to achieve an erection. Many men experience a spectrum of this disorder, in which they have partial erections or erections that don’t last. Often, physicians diagnose this spectrum as Erection Health Issues (ED).

It is easiest to categorize the causes of ED into psychological, neurological, and vascular. The neurological category includes people with developmental or traumatic experiences in which the genital architecture doesn’t function properly. Perhaps the nerves didn’t grown or they were crushed or severed in an accident. What this group has in common is that local nerves don’t respond to sexual stimulation the way they’re supposed to. It’s possible that brain damage may be the cause, but more often local nerves are to blame. What few people know is that diabetes causes nerve damage and can affect erections.

Psychologically induced erectile dysfunction results from conditions that often distract a man from sexual performance. Depression, anxiety, and a host of other ailments conspire to yield the net effect of a man either being not interested in sex or unable to become and remain aroused even when he sincerely wants to. In this case, treating depression may help the sexual relationship.

The largest advances in the treatment of Loss of Erection have come in the area of vascular causes. The loss of erection medications work to dilate the blood vessels in the penis allowing more blood flow to engorge the penis and lead to an erection. These medications have been demonstrated to work even in severe ED patients, while the majority of men with ED report increased satisfaction when taking the medication.

As more scientific evidence emerges, more cardiovascular disease is uncovered as a root cause of ED in a growing number of men. Many men experience the inability to achieve or maintain an erection (ED) as a first physical symptom of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in blood vessels limiting flow). If not accurately diagnosed and treated, some of these men go on to experience strokes and heart attacks. Particularly, younger men in their 30’s or 40’s with erection problems need a comprehensive cardiovascular work-up by their physician because they may be at increased risk for negative outcomes.

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