Nip here, tuck there: Plastic surgeries on the rise

Even during a recession some people are willing to dip into their bank accounts to pay for plastic surgery.  Women are still outdoing men when it comes to nips and tucks, but men aren’t far behind.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) procedures jumped 9% in 2010 compared to the previous year.  The ASAPS has tracked the number of surgical enhancements since 1997 and say cosmetic surgeries have increased by 155% since that time.

Here’s the Top 5 must-have alterations for women:
1.)   Breast augmentation
2.)   Liposuction
3.)   Eyelid surgery
4.)   Tummy tucks
5.)   Breast reduction

But it’s not just plastic surgeries that are popular, Botox has become a hot new cosmetic fad as well.  In fact, it’s so high in demand women are throwing Botox parties like they used to throw Tupperware parties.  It works the same way, someone hosts a party and rather than selling food containers, they help sell Botox.  The liquid filler, which is injected into women’s faces to get rid of wrinkles, is a hot seller.  More than 2 million women had Botox injections last year, according to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Cosmetic upgrades not just for young women

While women have more plastic surgery, men aren’t far behind.  About 750,000 guys checked in for cosmetic procedures last year.  The most popular procedure for men was a liposuction, but nose jobs and ear tucks were also on their list.

There is also a misconception that most people lining up to get work done are young women.  Hollywood movies always seem to show beautiful women getting surgery, but plastic surgeons say their biggest client pool is baby boomers.  As they age they are more likely to want a change, and more likely to have the money tucked away to do it.