Steven A. Schlosser, MD


Dr. Schlosser graduated from Lafayette College Phi Beta Kappa and attended Georgetown Medical School. He had 4 years of medical residency training at Tufts University in Boston in both Gynecology and Internal Medicine. He has had a spotless medical career for the past 40+ years and is Board Certified.

For 5+ years, Dr. Schlosser had been involved in Urgent Care or General Medicine for the largest TeleMedicine provider in the U.S. as well as Internal Medicine for predominantly Men’s health ailments over the past 2 years with a specialty towards all Erectile Dysfunction conditions.

He has a considerable understanding of E.D. and the treatments, side effects and contra-indications for all medications intended to treat this medical condition.

He is passionate about Doctor/Patient relationship’s whether in person or by remote contact on the phone. Dr. Schlosser is an avid skier and tennis player and enjoys an occasional game of golf when not attending to Patient needs.

Tufts University
Lafayette College
Georgetown University