PE Blaster

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PE Blaster Remote Real Feel Masturbator Stamina Trainer

The PE Blaster is a male remote partner play device that is controlled by an application (APP). It is notable for its ability to provide real-time engagement. The inclusion of the APP control feature provides users with access to a total of twelve distinct modes. In the context of individual gameplay, the user has the ability to exert influence over the activity through the utilization of a smartphone application. The vibration levels can be modified by just swiping a finger.

In the context of long-distance interactions, the transfer of control can be facilitated by means of a partner-initiated request through the utilization of a dedicated application. The device offers many modes such as Video mode, Music mode, and Interactive mode, presenting users with a range of unanticipated functionalities to investigate.

The penis is enveloped by a realistic-soft silicone material, and the design of the product allows it to accommodate erections of varying lengths due to its open-ended nature. Featuring a textured surface composed of very soft ridges, this product is designed to provide heightened pleasure and powerful stimulation. By effortlessly inserting ones phallus into the flexible silicone wings, users can experience a pleasant and snug fit. This compact device will enhance your gaming experience to unprecedented levels.

The penis training vibrator is specifically engineered to include an exposed side and is accompanied by a detachable bullet including nine distinct vibration modes. This particular device is ideally suited for stimulating the flaccid state of the penis, and its efficacy is such that manual stroking is not necessary to derive the desired sensory benefits.This device can be employed as a male masturbator and for the purpose of endurance penis training.

Automatic Piston Sucking Real Vagina Adult Sex Toys Vibrator Male Masturbator Cup For Man

Size : 65x180mm

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: 80 minutes

Function mode: manual + vibration


Automatic Masturbator Cup Piston Telescopic Vagina Male Endurance Exercise Flirting Sucking Vibrator Sex Toys For Man


1. Waterproof, Tight Pussy, Realistic Vagina Anus, Handheld.

2. Simulation design, comfortable and realistic.

3. Exquisite style, full of sense of technology.

4. Contains vibration device, a new experience.

Control your Partners Experience over the Internet

Video Interaction

Touch Control

Sound and Music Control

Shake Control

Multi-frequency Interaction

Realistic Silicone

Environmentally Friendly Silicone Material Soft and Full of Unique Real Feel Patterns

Transparent Window


Automatic Masturbator Telescopic Real Feel Silicone Vagina. Male Stamina and Endurance Exercise to Help Train Your Penis to Avoid Premature Ejaculation. 12 Vibration Modes Accual Sucking Vibrator Sex Toy For Men.

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