Want to Gain up to an Inch in Your Penis Size? It’s Easy, Simply Lose Weight

A man’s sexual function tends to decline with age. Decreased testosterone levels can result in low libido. It may take longer for you to get an erection and you may have trouble maintaining it. Older men also have lower semen volume and reduced sperm quality.

Sexual dysfunction is clearly associated with advanced age. Research has shown that men over 40 are more likely to have erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, that’s not the only bad news for older men. A recent study has confirmed that your penis may actually change with age. Some common changes include:

Reduced blood flow causes the head of the penis to change color as you age. The area usually becomes less purple. Additionally, many older men experience pubic hair loss. As testosterone levels decrease, your pubic hair may start to revert to its prepubescent state.

Many older men experience weight gain. When belly fat accumulates, it can make your penis appear smaller. In extreme cases, excess fat can almost completely cover the penis. Overweight men can often regain an inch or more in penis size by losing weight. However, other changes may be more permanent. As you age, a reduction in length and girth may become noticeable. If a man’s penis is around 6 inches during his sexual prime, it may shrink to 5.5 inches by age 70.

What exactly causes the penis to get smaller with age? Plaque inside the arteries in the penis can reduce blood flow. This condition may prevent your penis from reaching its maximum size. Older men may also have a buildup of inelastic collagen in their erection chambers. An erection can only occur if these can chambers stretch and fill with blood. Inelastic chambers can prevent your penis from fully enlarging.

As you get older, your testicles may also become smaller. Many men will notice shrinkage by the time they hit age 40. The average 30-year-old man has testicles that measure 3 centimeters in diameter. By age 60, the average diameter is only 2 centimeters.

In some cases, penile scar tissue can accumulate unevenly. Eventually your penis may become curved. This condition is known as Peyronie’s disease. It’s a common condition among middle-aged men. If you develop this disease, you may experience painful erections and intercourse.

Research indicates that your penis may become less sensitive over time. If you have this problem, it may be more difficult for you to get an erection and achieve orgasm. However, many older men are still able to enjoy sexual intercourse.

This information may sound discouraging, but experts agree that these changes don’t have to ruin your sex life. A recent study indicated that older men are still sexually satisfied overall. You may not even perceive many of these changes. If you want to have a positive impact on your penis size and sexual health, try losing weight. Additionally, it’s important to spend time focusing on your partner. In many cases, that can be the key to a satisfying sex life.