Top Myths About Erectile Dysfunction Prove You are NOT to Old for Sex

Impotence is something most men will face at some point in their lives. And while they may blame stress, fatigue, or the inevitable process of aging, many doctors urge patients to take steps to fight erectile dysfunction. One of the first steps in fighting ED is debunking some of the myths surrounding impotence.

Myth 1: ED is inevitable
Most men just accept that as they age, they may lose their ability to achieve and maintain erections. But doctors warn that as you get older, ED can be a sign of a serious cardiovascular condition. Recent studies show that for many men, ED shows up three to five years before a major cardiovascular event, including a hear attack. High blood pressure and diabetes are also linked to the onset of ED. So read ED not as an inevitable part of aging, but a possible warning sign of a serious health problem.

Myth 2: It’s only happening to you
Lots of men experience ED, so it’s not a condition you have to be shy about when talking to your doctor. BY age 40, five percent of men will complain of impotence; that number jumps to 25 percent by the time a man is 65.

Myth 3: ED can’t be fixed
For most men who seek medical help, ED is a reversible problem. Improving your lifestyle by losing weight, lowering stress, exercising, and quitting smoking can all help reverse impotence. Sex therapy or individual counseling is also very effective when ED is linked to a psychological problem. Talk with your doctor before you assume your impotence can’t be fixed.

Myth 4: ED is a psychological problem
While ED can certainly have psychological cause, most cases are linked to hormonal, nervous system or circulation problems. While stress and mental health can worsen ED, it’s important to have a check-up with your doctor to explore any other causes of impotence. Everything from alcohol and prescription drug use to obesity and sleep disorders are linked to ED. Most cases of ED have a physiological cause, and only a general practitioner, internist, or urologist can help you figure out why you’re experience troubles in the bedroom.

Myth 5: ED can only be fixed with pills
Watch any sporting event and you’ll see dozens of commercials for Viagra and Cialis. While these ED medicines are often helpful when used properly, most men think they are the only solution to their penis problems. But pills don’t work for evryone, and some men may find that ED medicine lose their effectiveness overtime. Often lifestyle changes are just as effective as prescription medicines. Many men also fear their doctor will recommend penile survey to fix their ED. While effective in some cases, surgery is rare and last option.

Removing the shame and stigma surrounding ED is the first step to solving your problem. Don’t accept that ED is your fate in life; instead be proactive and talk to your doctor. There are many explanations — and solutions —for impotence.