Erectile Dysfunction

Top Methods to Increasing Blood Flow to Boost Male Sexual Energy

At some point in their lives, most men will want to increase their sex drive, boost their sexual stamina, or increase their libido. Fortunately, there are several natural foods, herbs, and other lifestyle components that can help boost your sex drive.

First, a bit of science: For men and women, sex drive and libido are linked to testosterone and nitric oxide. Testosterone boosts arousal and nitric oxide increases blood flow to the genitals. Most of the natural remedies for boosting sex drive increase testosterone or nitric oxide circulation and availability in the body.

Herbs and supplements
Work with a naturopath or herbalist to learn about the best herbs for your sex life. In general, there are some safe universal recommendations you can try: Cinnamon, cloves, anise, fennel, and black peppercorns can all boost blood flow and are readily available at the grocery store. Other herbs, such as horny goat week, Ginseng, and tribulus are also touted for their sexual health properties. You’ll want to make sure that any herbs you use do not interact with any prescription drugs you take.

You are what you eat
Your diet can play a key role in boosting your sex drive. On a big picture level, diet provides nutrients, vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy and performing at your sexual peak. Zinc is one of the most important minerals for you to include in your diet because it promotes prostate health and sperm production. Selenium and arginine, another mineral and amino acid, are also particularly helpful for men as they can increase erections and also protect the prostate. Nuts, seeds, and oysters all contain these nutrients. While including plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet is important, certain ones, such as watermelon, bananas, and asparagus have been studied as libido enhancers.

Make health a priority
Every healthy habit that you know you should be doing for your general health benefits your sex life as well. Getting enough sleep, quitting smoking, and reducing stress levels are all proven ways to increase your libido. Smoking, especially, has been shown to limit blood flow to the genitals and weaken erections. Moderate exercise 30 times per day is the closest thing medicine has to a magic bullet for your sexual health. Strength training and cardiovascular exercise has been proven to help boost testosterone levels and increase blood circulation. Exercise also improves your general mood, which can, of course, help you get in the mood.

Work on your relationship
Good communication with your partner leads to better connections in the bedroom. Talk to your partner about your desires — it will be a turn-on for both of you. Reducing tension and stress between you and your partner helps prime you for sex. And don’t forget “helpers.” Good lubricants and sex toys can add a boost to your bedroom experience.

Talk to your doctor if these natural solutions aren’t helping you in the bedroom.