Erectile Dysfunction

Top 7 Factors Why You Have Erection Problems

Erection dysfunction is a problem that many men undergo. Researchers have it that 18 to 20 million American men suffer from erection dysfunction that could vary from one type to another. Occasional erection problems are not as worrying as those that occur more than half of the time taken during sexual intercourse.

The following are seven reasons why you could be having erection problems.

1. Overweight

Men, who are overweight, stand at a higher risk of having erection dysfunction. Your eating habits contribute a lot to your erection. Overeating with little or no exercise is dangerous and could hinder erection or lead to dysfunction. If you are overweight, it's time you reduce that weight and live a much healthier life.

2. Smoking

Smokers experience a hard time while trying to invoke an erection. The reason is that smoking destroys the blood vessels and blocks blood flow. Quitting or reducing smoking is a wise decision to make for excellent performance in the bedroom.

3. Alcohol consumption

A big misconception runs in the minds of many men that alcohol makes them sexy while in the real sense it can hinder an erection. It affects the sobriety of your body and maims the general coordination of the body organs. If you want to enjoy some excellent moments in the bedroom, do away with alcohol.

4. Related conditions

There are some conditions related to erection dysfunction, can contribute to erection failure. These conditions include diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, depression as well as kidney failure. If you have noticed continuous erection problems, consider visiting a doctor for a checkup of these conditions.

5. Inadequate exercise

Majority of men spend a lot of time indoors and barely exercise. Little do they know that insufficient exercise is a sure way of having erection problems! Taking regular exercise helps, you reduce the risk of experiencing erection dysfunction. However, have proper consultations with your doctor before embarking on any exercise programs.

6. Stress

Subjecting yourself to any pressure is very dangerous. It will do more harm to your body than good. Anxiety and stress are common contributors to erection complications. Even the slightest form of stress is capable of triggering erection dysfunction.

7. Medication you take

Some drugs have side effects that go all the way to interfere with your erection. They disrupt your hormonal balance and render your body into a state of great imbalance. High Blood pressure, bipolar, depression and heart drugs can especially trigger erection dysfunction.