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Nine Ways to Improve Male Stamina and Last Longer in Bed

Male stamina is the ability to last longer in bed. When you have high male stamina, you and your partner can achieve maximum sexual pleasure. Good lovemaking takes time. You have to be able to delay climax until the moment is right. Yet, some men aren’t naturally blessed with great male stamina. This can cause sexual dissatisfaction in any relationship.

However, there’s help for men with sexual performance issues. By boosting your male stamina naturally, you won’t have to risk disappointing your partner again. Here are some great techniques you can use to last longer and please your partner in bed.

1. When you get close to an orgasm, think about something else. Don’t concentrate on the pleasure again until the urge to climax has passed. Try to think about something completely non-sexual. When done properly, this technique can delay ejaculation and make sex last much longer.

2. Masturbate before every sexual encounter. You can increase your male stamina by reaching climax a few hours before sexual activity. This will help you delay orgasm when you’re ready to have sex with your partner.

3. Try the squeeze technique. If you think you’re going to climax too soon, withdraw your penis and squeeze the head until it doesn’t feel as sensitive. You can use this technique as needed during sexual encounters to delay ejaculation.

4. Use a topical desensitizing cream. You can rub a special cream on the head of your penis to reduce the sensation. Many of these creams contain ingredients such as lidocane, which is perfectly safe to use on the genitals. Leave the cream on for several minutes and wipe it off before sex.

5. Take an herbal supplement. A variety of herbal supplements can increase male stamina. Many herbs work by increasing your testosterone levels. Always take herbal supplements as directed on the label. In some cases, you may not see results right away. If you have a preexisting medical condition, ask your doctor if it’s safe to take herbal supplements.

6. Get help for psychological disorders. Emotional problems like depression can decrease your male stamina. Talk to a medical professional about your psychological health. Your doctor may recommend counseling or a prescription medication to treat your condition.

7. Try sex therapy. Some men find that sex therapy can help treat male stamina problems. A qualified counselor can help you resolve your sexual issues. If necessary, your partner can also participate in the therapy sessions. Many couples have seen great results from this technique.

8. Eat healthy foods. A diet rich in fresh foods can help improve male stamina. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Try to avoid sugar and processed foods. Good health can boost your sexual performance and help you last longer in bed.

9. Adopt an exercise program. Regular exercise can strengthen your body and increase your male stamina. Fit men typically last longer in bed. Schedule workouts several times per week. For best results, vary the exercises and intensity.