Erectile Dysfunction

Is Your Sex Drive in Decline? These 5 Things Could be the Cause

Has your sex drive decreased over time? If you’re ready to get rid of certain habits, you may be able to have more fun in the bedroom. From prescription medications to everyday activities, there are several things that could be killing your libido. Dr. Brett Worly is a female sexual dysfunction expert at the Ohio State University. He said that there are five major factors that could be having a negative impact on your sex life.

Using antidepressants
Brain chemicals such as serotonin, epinephrine, and dopamine can influence libido and sexual function. Dr. Worly says that prescription antidepressants can alter your brain chemicals in a way that leads to reduced sexual arousal. If you think your medication is having a negative influence on your libido, be sure to discuss it with your physician. Do not stop taking any of your medications without clearing it with your doctor first.

Lack of sleep
Are you simply too tired for sex? Dr. Worly says that fatigue can be more than just an excuse. Many women try to initiate sex at the end of the day when they’re already exhausted. Instead, Dr. Worly recommends choosing a time of day when you feel the most energetic. If you’re tired at the end of the day, try to have morning or afternoon sex with your partner. If you’d rather have sex in the evening, be sure to have a light dinner that includes lean proteins and vegetables. Consuming too many carbohydrates in the evening can make you feel tired.

Weight changes
Many women regularly experience weight fluctuations. However, you may not realize that weight changes can have a negative impact on your libido. Dr. Worly says that weight is one of the biggest factors when it comes to how women perceive themselves. If you feel strong and in shape, you’re less likely to suffer from libido problems. Exercise is a great way to control your weight and boost your energy levels. If you struggle with weight problems, talk to your doctor about starting a regular exercise program.

Relationship problems
Libido can be psychological or physical in nature. If you’re feeling disconnected from you partner, it can have a detrimental effect on your sex drive. Dr. Worly says that relationship problems are the most common cause of low sex drive in women. If you’re not getting along with your partner, sex can feel more like a chore. When you don’t enjoy having sex, your libdio will almost certainly decline over time. A licensed relationship counselor can often help you get the skills you need to address relationship issues with your partner.

Taking birth control
Birth control pills are a great way to prevent pregnancy, but this method of birth control can also decrease your libido. Testosterone is the hormone that powers your libido. A woman’s testosterone levels spike during ovulation. If you’re not ovulating every month, you may experience decreased sex drive. The estrogen in the pill can also increase the amount of sex-hormone binding globulin in your body, which attaches to testosterone. This further reduces your testosterone levels and decreases your sex drive.