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Baby Boomers and the Joys of Sex After Age 50

Baby boomers came of age during the sexual revolution. So, it’s no surprise that sex has always been important to them. The youngest baby boomers recently turned 50. Has anything changed?

A recent AARP survey showed that 71% of baby boomers believe that sex is still a significant aspect of their lives. About 54% of respondents said that they were happy with their current sex lives. Approximately 67% reported that their sex drive has decreased over the past 20 years.

When it comes to the joys of sex after age 50, the survey results don’t reveal the entire picture. To find out how boomers’ sex lives have changed, we asked some people to share their personal stories.

Getting new upgrades

After her breast cancer diagnosis, Sally Koslow found out that she needed to have a mastectomy. In typical boomer fashion, Sally decided to look at the positive side of the situation. Her new breasts could be even better than the originals! Now she’s cancer-free, plus she has a great set of 32Ds. Her husband approves of the change. Sally says that her new figure has improved their sex life.

Staying open about sex

Walter Mosley hasn’t changed much over the years. On the inside, he’s still a young man at heart. According to Walter, great sex has always been about open and meaningful communication. He talks about sex with everyone, from friends to causal acquaintances. The best conversations don’t have any tension or expectations at all. But he also thinks it’s amusing to see people blush.

Finding new satisfaction

According to Suzanne Braun, people expand their horizons after age 50. She has made new connections and found new ways to share intimacy with others. Suzanne simply cannot imagine getting older without her family and close friends. She says that sharing laughter and experiences with her loved ones is very emotionally satisfying.

Being a generous partner

After 30 years of marriage, Nicholson Baker still enjoys having sex with his partner. Like many people his age, he is still open about his sexuality. He doesn’t believe that sex should be hidden away like a secret. There shouldn’t be anything dark or forbidden about it. Nicholson prefers sex when it’s open, intimate, and generous.

Sex is better than ever

Bill Hayes says that sex after 50 is better than ever. He’s tried many things, so he understands his sexual preferences. Mediocre sex doesn’t interest him anymore. He doesn’t waste time on the things he knows he doesn’t like. Bill is informed by his experiences, but completely free from fear. Now that he’s older, he thinks that sex is a fulfilling and joyful experience.

Experiencing love again

Many people find love after 50. Joyce Maynard got married again just before her 60th birthday. She says that the experience is completely different this time around. There are no in-laws. They don’t have any plans for children. At this point in her life, Joyce knows and understands herself. The sex might not be wild and athletic, but she enjoys it because it’s intimate and fun.