9 Top Issues Men Have with Their Penis

You may sometimes wonder if you’re normal —- down there. Most men encounter some problems with their penis over the course of their lifetime. And while any serious concerns should lead to a visit to your doctor, most problems have simple explanations and solutions.

Read on for to understand some of the most common problems with your package, and what to do about it.

Alcohol makes things go south

Too much booze will act as a depressant to your central nervous system, leading you to lose your erection of have a difficult time maintaining one. Though alcohol may loosen you up and get you in the mood, talk to your doctor if you’re consuming so much it affects your sexual performance.

Foreskin won’t retract

An uncircumcised man may find that his foreskin doesn’t retract from the tip of his penis. This condition is called phimosis, and is caused by tight forsaken. According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition can be easily treated with steroid creams or circumcision. Paraphimosis is a more serious condition where the foreskin can get trapped behind the head of the penis. It can result in amputation if not treated.

Can’t reach the finish line

If half the time you have sex you can’t “finish” in 30-60 minutes, you may have delayed ejaculation. This can be caused by external factors, like some medications, or internal, psychological problems. Talk to your doctor if you have this concern.

An itch you can’t scratch (in public)

Itchy privates can be an annoying — and embarrassing— problem. First things first, check your hygiene. Make sure you’re washing and drying your privates correctly and haven’t used any new soaps or detergents that can irritate sensitive skin. Jock itch will be accompanied by a rash, but the fungal infection can easily be treated by hygiene and anti-fungal creams.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Both finishing too soon and not getting hard are common problems, with some simple solutions. It may seem like juvenile advice, but masturbating before sex or wearing two condoms can help prolong the sexual experience. There are even certain prescriptions that can help you delay orgasm. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by diet, stress, medications, and some health problems. Talk to your doctor if you’re experiences either premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction regularly.


If you’ve been trying to get your partner pregnant but can’t, you may have low sperm count, or mobility and motility issues. Excessive drinking, diet, exercise, and even environmental factors can affect sperm count. A doctor can help you investigate the cause of this problem, perform simple sperm analysis and help you understand your fertility.

Lumps and leaks

Most men panic at the sign of a small raised bump on their penis. But most causes are benign. The cause of skin bumps (often described as small, raised and red) is usually clogged pores or irritation. Sometimes bumps can indicate a more serious problems, like sexually transmitted infections (genital warts, and herpes can present as a rash). Leaky discharge is another problem that sets off the alarm bells for most men, who are immediately concerned that any fluid could be a sign of chlamydia or gonorrhea. While those STIs are common, some viruses and bacterial urinary infections can also cause discharge. In both cases, it’s best to see your doctor.