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Female Sexuality: Did Her Libido Decline During COVID?


  • According to studies, the COVID pandemic had a negative impact on female sexuality
  • Research revealed falling levels of women’s sex drive and frequency of intercourse.
  • Causes of women’s low libido include poor health, stress, and psychological challenges. 
  • Addressing your own sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction, can help her feel intimate satisfaction again. 

If your partner lost her sex drive in COVID times, you’re not alone. Studies show that the coronavirus pandemic affected female sexuality worldwide. Many women noticed their libido levels dropping, which affected the frequency of sex for couples. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to help her regain her interest in intimacy. 

New Study on COVID and Female Sexuality

While the world watched how the COVID pandemic changed society and the economy, some researchers began observing its effects on human sexuality. One review, covering 34 scientific articles from 18 countries, focused on female sexuality. 

The key learning from the analysis is that women’s sexual functioning and satisfaction took a hit in pandemic times. Many studies revealed falling levels of female libido and reduced frequency of intercourse. 

Not all types of sexual activity were limited during COVID, however. Masturbation and pornography consumption went up among men and women. This could be related to lockdowns and the avoidance of COVID transmission in couples. In addition, many single women lost opportunities to date and have intimate relations as a result of social distancing measures. 

Why She Lost Her Libido During COVID

Female sex drive depends on many factors, some of which have been amplified during COVID. The infection itself might have lasting effects on our physical and mental health. And women are at greater risk of developing long COVID. Even losing the ability to socialize and have fun can lead to intimacy problems. After all, our interest in sex relies on our general vitality and energy. 

Stress is another big reason female libido can take a dip. And the pandemic brought many things to be stressed about:

  • She may have developed anxiety around job security
  • She may have worried about the health of loved ones
  • Mothers had to balance home office with family as daycares closed

How To Reawaken Her Libido?

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If your partner experienced a drop in her libido levels, the first thing to do is schedule a health checkup. If there is an issue, such as long COVID or depression, she will need to get these under control first. As her partner, you can support her in that process and be patient with the sex part. 

Pressuring her to be intimate if she’s not ready is not going to help her sex drive, but that’s not to say that your needs aren’t important. Talk about it and discuss solutions, such as masturbation or intimate sessions without intercourse. 

Here are some ideas to give her libido a boost.

Have Fun Together

In psychology, the libido is defined as the energy of life. After those difficult pandemic years, we all need a bit of plain old fun. Try to remember what used to give her joy and surprise her with fun dates. 

Whether it’s a salsa evening or going to a theme park, you’ll both see your stress levels dropping. And that’s the point! Her libido will increase when she’s feeling relaxed. 

Encourage Self-Love

While this may sound counterproductive, encouraging your partner to make love to herself can lead to more partnered sex. The pandemic has had a freezing effect on women’s sexuality. When you’re worried about the future, the body shuts down unnecessary functions, including sexual desire. 

Regular masturbation can help her get back in touch with her own body and sensuality. And for most women, it’s much easier to orgasm when they are stimulating themselves than it is with a partner. So, go ahead and get her that pink vibrator you saw online. Give it some time, and those solo pleasures will bring her back to bed with you, too.  

Build Up the Excitement

If you’re a typical guy, you don’t need much encouragement to be ready for sex. For many — if not most — it’s a bit more complicated. Female libido loves the gradual buildup of tension. 

A hot kiss in the kitchen, a sexy text to tell her what you’re planning for later, or a link to a hot audio story she can listen to during her lunch break . . . find out what makes your woman tick and do it. You won’t regret the effort!

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Make It Happen

When libido is high, erotic get-togethers can happen spontaneously. But when you’ve been in a sexless zone for a while, it’s time to take your planners out and schedule sexy dates. By planning intimacy, you’re giving each other a sign that it’s important. It also gives her the chance to mentally prepare for an erotic evening. 

An important rule to remember is that scheduling time for sex doesn’t mean intercourse must happen. She shouldn’t feel the pressure to do something she’s not up for. If one of you is not in the mood that day, use that time to cuddle, kiss, watch an adult film, or talk about your desires. 

Consider Couples Counseling

If you’re having bedroom problems, there may be underlying issues to talk about. Sometimes her lack of interest in sex is a sign that she’s angry or resentful. The two of you may have some conflicts you need to resolve first before she’s ready to be close to you again. 

Many people don’t know how to talk about difficult things in their relationship. In couples counseling, you can learn to communicate better and avoid unnecessary arguments. 

Men’s Sexual Health Matters, Too

If one partner loses interest in sex, it’s always the couple’s issue. Working together as a team will help you return to intimacy. There are, however, things you can do to help your partner reclaim her sexuality. 

For most women, libido thrives on regular sex. It doesn’t have to be frequent, but it should bring you both satisfaction and strengthen your bond. 

To make it happen, make sure your sexual health is in the best shape possible. And COVID may have affected you too. For example, erectile dysfunction has been linked to coronavirus infections.

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