A Paraplegic’s Inspiring Weight Loss Story

Valyer lost weight be committing to diet and exercise.
Vayner lost weight be committing to diet and exercise.
If you’re in need of a little weight loss inspiration, check out Mia Vayner’s story. Vayner, a paraplegic who tipped the scales at 540 pounds, has lost 250 pounds. How did she do it? She says she made a decision to change.

The steps taken to drop some weight

Vayner, who was injured during an assault when she was younger, got rid of her motorized wheelchair and created a makeshift chair, which she called her “Frankenchair.” This homemade chair allowed her to move around more.

She started walking by pulling herself around the block. It took time, but she started to see results. Once she mastered walking, she started swimming and eating better. She cut portion sizes and made an effort to eat healthier meals.

Support is key

Vayner’s wife, Evelyn Vayner, offered support every step of the way, without which Vayner says she wouldn’t have dropped a pound.

“When we set out to make this change, we knew that it would be a slow road,” Vayner tells CNN. “We wanted it to be a slow road because we knew that fast weight loss had always led to ultimate failure.”

Allow for ‘cheats’

Vayner says setting goals is important, but it’s okay to cheat once in awhile.

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“I do cheat,” Vayner says. “It’s no good saying, ‘I’m never going to have chocolate cake again’ because your wife will find you on the floor at 3 a.m. with chocolate all over your face.”

To keep her ‘cheats’ to a minimum, Vayner says she created a treat bowl. When she accomplished a goal, she allowed herself a treat.

Now, Vayner weighs 265 pounds. She’s gone from a size 36 to a size 16, which she says is a major accomplishment.

“The weight loss has changed her outlook on life and her self-respect, and also has given her another way to connect with her community,” Evelyn says. “It has reinvigorated our mutual interest in all kinds of things we thought were not possible.”

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