Losing weight, a New Year’s Resolution

As 2011 comes to an end, the New Year will inspire many people to make a resolution.  Every year the top two resolutions involve losing weight or quitting smoking.  They are both difficult changes to make, but when it comes to weight loss Xenical may be able to help people lose weight faster.

Studies show that Xenical, in addition to a healthy diet and a steady regimen of exercise, can help people lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone. The pill, which is available through eDrugstore, can also help keep weight off.

Study results involving Xenical:

  • More than twice as much weight loss as those on diet alone
  • A significantly greater reduction in waist measurement compared to those on diet alone
  • A significantly greater reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure compared to those on diet alone
  • A significantly greater reduction in triglyceride levels compared to those on diet alone

About Xenical
Xenical is the only available weight loss medication that works in the stomach to prevent your body from absorbing fat.   Studies show it can cut the fat absorption rate by at least 30 percent.

Xenical first hit the market in 1998.  To date, more than 16.7 million people have taken the medication, which is licensed for weight management in 149 countries.

One success story

“Losing weight is a lifestyle change,” Tameka Frans said.  The 42 year old mother of three said her weight got out of control after her third child was born.  “I started eating right and going to the gym and I took Xenical to give me a little boost of fat burning energy.”

Frans lost 52 pounds using Xenical and suggests the medication to anyone that is serious about dropping extra pounds.  “I really feel like Xenical gave me an extra edge and I’m happy with the way I look now.”

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