What Patients are Saying About Denavir

Denavir is a topical cream used to treat cold sores that are associated with herpes. It can speed the healing process of the sores. It’s not a cure, and it doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus, but it can lessen the time that a cold sore is visible. The cream is used at the first sign of a flare-up and can be used every two hours over the course of four days.

Cold sores from the Herpes virus can be embarrassing. Denavir can help.
Cold sores from the Herpes virus can be embarrassing. Denavir can help.

If your doctor has mentioned or prescribed Denavir, you might be curious about what other patients are saying about its effectiveness. Here are reviews from several people who use the topical cream.

Reviews on the treatment

One woman says, “Although the blister usually forms regardless of when in the outbreak I start Denavir, it significantly shortens the time that I have it. Without it my cold sore could last 10-14 days before totally gone. With Denavir it is averages about 5 days. To me it is worth the cost. Cold sores are horrible little things and the less time I have to deal with one on my lip the better.”

A first time user says, “I usually suffer the 10+ days w/ Carmax (with Campho) and ice. This time, my first blister wasn’t gone before a second one appeared! I didn’t know there was a prescription topical treatment and I wasn’t getting them frequent enough to justify taking a pill to prevent outbreaks. Denavir seemed to cut the time of the cold sore to less than half, and that’s AFTER the blister already formed.

Another woman says, “I’ve suffered from cold sores for years. Usually stress related, and I can always count on an appearance every December. At times it’s been so bad I wouldn’t go out in public. This stuff is fantastic. I apply at the first sign and while it never prevents it completely, it’s nowhere near the swollen mess I used to experience.”

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