How Do AntiViral Treatments Work?

Although it can be a painful subject, it’s also one that needs to be addressed, and today we’re here to talk about antiviral medications.

Some of us know how frustrating it can be to experience a cold sore flaring up at exactly the wrong moment, and then creating an unsightly disaster that lasts several days. And that’s not to mention the pain that comes along with it.

Other viral conditions can cause even more serious pain, complications, and symptoms. Consequently, they need to be treated with antiviral medications as soon as possible after an outbreak.

Here at eDrugstore, we offer antiviral treatments that can make the battle with cold sores, herpes, and shingles as easy as humanly possible, which many of our patients thank us for.

Continue reading for some specific information on our products and how each of them works.

Denavir (Penciclovir)
Used most commonly to treat cold sores, Denavir’s active ingredient is a compound called penciclovir.

It’s most often applied topically to the area affected by a cold sore, and distributed in a pill form. When treatment begins at the first sign of outbreak, the duration of pain and symptoms can be reduced.

Denavir, as well as the rest of these medications, is handy to have around before an outbreak begins, so if you’re at risk of an outbreak, order ahead of time!

Famvir (Famciclovir)
Famvir is used to treat various viruses in the herpesvirus family, but it’s most commonly employed in the treatment of herpes zoster, which is also called shingles.

Shingles, not related to the herpes simplex family of viruses, is actually contracted through a person’s initial infection with chickenpox (varicella zoster virus).

Shingles is typically a rare occurrence, with about 50% of the population experiencing a first outbreak, but fewer than 1% of the population experiencing a second one.

Acyclovir is a medication that’s used in a variety of ways; topically, intravenously and orally. It’s employed against many varieties of herpes virus, including genital herpes, cold sores, ocular herpes, and even rarer types of infection, such as herpes encephalitis.

Used a pill, Acyclovir is often taken to treat herpes outbreaks, while it’s usually made into a topical form for cold sores.

Valtrex (Valaciclovir)
Similar to acyclovir, Valtrex is used to treat herpes, cold sores, and shingles with a pill that should be taken as soon as symptoms appear.

The difference in Valtrex is that the compound has been modified slightly to increase absorption when taken orally, allowing for more effective treatment at smaller doses.

These products are always to be used according the instructions of your doctor.

If you’re pregnant, or may become pregnant, tell your doctor to determine the risk of side effects to your unborn child.

The use of these medications is sometimes a method of preventing transmission of HSV to unborn children. However, there are also possible complications involved, so you’ll need to talk to your doctor first.

Thanks for reading about these important medications, and be sure to order from eDrugstore now, so you’ll have an effective treatment at hand!

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