An App for Kegel Exercises? It’s True.

In the world of smartphones and apps, it seems technology is becoming a bigger part of everyday life. The slogan, “There’s an app for that” has gone mainstream and it’s hard to argue it’s truth. There are thousands of apps on the market. They are easy to access, usually pretty cheap and cover just about any topic anyone could be interested in – including kegel exercises. Yup, that’s right. There is now an app to help people with exercises known to enhance a person’s sex life.

The new app

Dr. Herb Ross, creator of Prostate Aerobics and Kegel Aerobics smartphone apps that are dedicated to improving sexual health and performance says, “Most people think that Pelvic Floor Muscles can be done anywhere, anytime such as waiting at the traffic light, for an elevator, or on a supermarket line. Let’s be clear; a few flexes while waiting do not develop toned and fit pelvic floor muscles strong enough to achieve the above listed benefits, you would not expect to develop a six pack by flexing your abdominals at a traffic light.”

The app reminds people when to do exercises, how to do them, how many times a day and how long to do them. These exercises are said to tone and strengthen the muscles used during sex, as well as, strengthen the muscles around the prostate.

Possible government oversight

Because of the increasing number of medical apps, the FDA is now considering whether or not apps need to be regulated.

“The use of mobile medical apps on smart phones and tablets is revolutionizing health care delivery,” said Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health. “Our draft approach calls for oversight of only those mobile medical apps that present the greatest risk to patients when they don’t work as intended.”

The FDA is still looking into the topic.