Tips to Tackle Dry Skin

The chilly winter months typically dry out the skin.  As people stock up on moisturizers and balms, there are a few other tips and tricks that can keep skin silky smooth rather than scaly.

“Every winter like clockwork my skin freaks out,” Melissa Freedman said.  “I use a ton of lotion during the cold months, but I can’t seem to get rid of dry skin around my elbows and the knuckles of my hands.”

To help with this problem, put together a list of 5 uncomplicated skin solutions.

Avoid hot showers
Experts say a hot water, while soothing, breaks the skins natural oil barrier and contributes to dry skin.  Doctors suggest quick, five minute warm showers.  Once finished, pat dry don’t rub to avoid irritating the skin.  Use a moisturizer after each shower to lock in moisture.

Shave the right way
Yes, there is a right way to shave.  Go with the direction of the hair and use plenty of shaving gel.  It’s also important to change blades frequently, old blades can tug at the skin and cause problems.

Find the right moisturizers
When you desire a particularly rick lotion, search for one having shea butter, stearic acid, ceramides, or perhaps glycerin, recommends Leslie Baumann, MD, director with the Cosmetic Medicine Research Institute. “Almost all tend to be rich moisturizers which can help you rejuvenate your skin barrier,” Baumann states in her article Winter Skin, “yet I especially like glycerin.”

Dress properly
It may seem like common sense to dress warm in winter and light in the summer, but not dressing correctly can affect the skin.  Wearing layers in the winter months is a good way to avoid sweating, which can bother skin under the arms.

Use a humidifier
The dry air is a problem, so a humidifier in the bedroom isn’t a bad idea.  The extra moisture in the air will not only help the skin, but also helps clear sinuses.

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