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Erectile Dysfunction and Early Ejaculation: Are They Linked?

According to popular belief, men’s sexuality is straightforward and uncomplicated. When we take a closer look, things get a little more complex. It is not uncommon for men to have difficulties with erections and early ejaculation at the same time. Are these two conditions linked? And what can couples do to enjoy intimacy in spite of these problems?

Difference Between Erectile Dysfunction and Early Ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition for men. With ED you cannot achieve an erection at all or it is too unreliable and you can’t have satisfying intercourse. Early ejaculation happens when you come too quickly.

What does it mean? You finish before you and your partner are satisfied with the sexual contact. Some men get from zero to the finish line in less than a minute.

Early ejaculation is sometimes called “premature”. I don’t use this term as it’s too judgmental and adds stress to my clients. And feeling guilty is not what they are looking for in sex counselling.

Typically, the two conditions happen at different stages of a man’s life. According to pioneer sex coach Patti Britton, early ejaculation is the most common sexual concern for men under 40. ED on the other hand is best know as a sexual concern of older men.

This is not always the case. There is a growing trend of young men having ED. According to the Italian research paper, one in four patients receiving  a diagnosis of ED, was younger than 40. Also EE is not limited to younger men. A 2007 U.S. study revealed 22 percent men aged 40 to 80 suffered from it.

There is a growing trend of young men suffering from ED
There is a growing trend of young men suffering from ED

What Causes ED and EE?

Men’s sexual problems are usually caused by a mix of physical and psychological factors. The medical reason may come first. As symptoms become more frequent, men begin to experience stress, anxiety or low self-esteem.

Urology Care Foundation names the following ED risk factors:

  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • smoking and drinking to much
  • being obese

When it comes to EE, serotonin levels may be the culprit. Other possible causes are:

  • depression
  • being stressed
  • performance anxiety
  • relationship problems

Don’t try to diagnose your condition on your own. If you suspect ED or EE, go to the doctor. He or she will be able to tell if your difficulties are medical, mental or a combination of both.

Can You Have ED and EE at the Same Time?

Some men suffer both from ED and EE. This means that even if they get an erection, they finish very quickly. Sometimes they can only have an orgasm through masturbation. For others, ejaculation can happen immediately when their partner starts touching them. This means they end before they can even attempt intercourse.

Dealing with those two concerns can be stressful for the couple. The man and his partner can feel that making erections happen is hard work. Guilt and shame appear. Partners of men with ED sometimes think it’s their fault.

Once a man finally gets hard enough for intercourse, his early ejaculation may cause a lot of stress and disappointment. All this hard work and the sex is over so soon! He may think he is failing his partner. The partner may also grow dissatisfied. Both miss the connection of a happy and fulfilling intercourse.

Dealing with ED and EE at the same time can be stressful for the couple
Dealing with ED and EE at the same time can be stressful for the couple

Can Viagra Help for Early Ejaculation?

Is it possible to have a happy intimate life when faced with ED and EE? Yes, there are ways to find pleasure in bed despite the obstacles. I recommend seeing a physician as soon as possible. Only with a diagnosis can you begin treatment.

Sexologists recommend addressing erectile dysfunction first. In some cases, when this problem is resolved, early ejaculation is gone too. The fastest way to find out is getting a prescription for ED medication, such as Viagra.

The pills act in a short time to help you get strong and reliable erections. Once you regain trust that you can get and stay hard, you may realize you can last longer. No need to hurry and chase those elusive hard-ons!

Will You Be Able to Regain Erections Without Viagra?

You may be worried that once you get started on ED medication, you will have to take those pills for the rest of your life. That’s not always the case. As your treatment progresses (for example you do therapy to resolve the psychological causes of your problems), you may find you no longer need pills to get hard.

For men with medical ED, long-term lifestyle changes can make all the difference. Starting a fitness routine, changing your diet or quitting smoking can take a long time. ED medication allows you to enjoy sex while you work on improving your overall health.

Bedroom Tips for Couples

Medical treatment and psychological counselling are just one part of the ED and EE story. There are many things we, sex coaches, recommend to our clients to help them enjoy intimacy regardless of circumstances.

It may come as a surprise but the first thing we teach couples are not advanced sexual techniques. We start with effective and honest communication. You have to talk about your difficulties openly with your partner. This way you can act as a team and find creative solutions.

Men who come to me for help, often find it uncomfortable to talk about their feelings. They don’t know what they are feeling in the first place! Try to observe your emotions connected to your ED and EE. Are you afraid that your partner will judge you? Or worried that you are a bad lover? Naming those feelings can help your partner understand you better and bring you closer together.

Good communication is key when trying to solve sexual problems
Good communication is key when trying to solve sexual problems

From the more hands-on perspective (pun intended), there are several squeeze techniques that help both for ED and EE. Holding the penis at the base reduces blood flow and can help you stay hard. The same technique can help delay your ejaculation.  Combine it with deep breathing and stop any activity once you feel you are getting close to climax.

As mentioned earlier, it’s good to handle ED first by taking Viagra or similar medication. It allows you to focus on other things, like slowing down. As you learn more about your reactions, you will last longer in bed.

To get ED medication from a reliable source, order it from a reputable seller online such as eDrugstore (click here for details). This saves time and awkwardness of going to a pharmacy. Our licensed physicians give online consultations and issue prescriptions.

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