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What is Wafesil? Drug facts, side effects, and where to get it

Wafesil is a new, fast-acting form of sildenafil for treating erectile dysfunction. It dissolves under the tongue and starts to work right away, so men with ED can be ready to perform when the moment is right. Wafesil is currently only available in Australia, but has similar fast-acting ED meds like Staxyn and Stendra available for immediate shipping to customers in the United States—for no additional charge. So before you go spending all that money on a plane ticket to Australia, check out the selection at!

Wafesil is a unique form of sildenafil, the active ingredient in the most popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. Instead of a tablet you swallow, it comes as a small wafer that you place under your tongue, where it quickly dissolves and releases the active ingredient. Wafesil is absorbed directly by blood vessels under the tongue and starts working much faster than tablets, which have to be absorbed by your digestive system before taking effect.

In this article, we’ll share our expertise on why Wafesil is different, how to use it, and why ordering an FDA-approved alternative to Wafesil from is the best choice for U.S. customers looking for a faster-acting way to manage erectile dysfunction.

Schedules are for Buses, Not Bedrooms

Sublingual ED drugs like Wafesil offer an attractive and convenient option for managing erectile dysfunction. They work fast and can be taken discreetly without water, so men don’t need to worry about not being ready in time, or worse—treating a partner like an accountant and having to schedule an appointment to get busy.

Because let’s face it: you can’t always predict when and how the mood will strike you and your partner, and that spicy spontaneity plays a big role in having a satisfying sexual experience for you both. Faster-acting ED treatments like Wafesil offer men with ED the freedom to be more spontaneous in their sex lives, knowing that they can be ready while the sparks are still flying.

Only Available “Down Under”

Wafesil, made by iX Biopharma, is currently only approved for sale in Australia with a doctor’s prescription. But if you’re reading from the opposite side of the globe in the United States, don’t despair! There are FDA-approved ED drugs that work just like Wafesil available from leading U.S. pharmacies like Fast-acting formulations of erectile dysfunction drugs like Staxyn, vardenafil ODT, and Stendra are in stock at and ready to ship directly to your door for no extra charge.

Who Should Take Wafesil?

Wafesil is for treating erectile dysfunction in adult males who are healthy enough for sex. Erectile dysfunction is when a man can’t get or keep an erection hard enough for sexual activity. Wafesil is not for men who have uncontrolled high or low blood pressure, severe liver or kidney disease, or who have had a stroke or heart attack less than six months ago.

Wafesil shouldn’t be taken by men who take nitroglycerin, isosorbide, or other nitrates to treat angina (chest pain) because it can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. It is not for use by women.

How Do I Take Wafesil?

Taking a sublingual medication can be a new experience for some people. Next, we’re going to review the recommended dosing instructions, but we’ll also pass along some tips for sublingual success you might not otherwise think about before your first dose.

Taking a Dose of 25 mg or 50 mg (one wafer)

Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Remove one 25 milligram or one 50 milligram wafer from its blister pack right before you plan to take it. Put the wafer under your tongue as far back as comfortable. Relax your tongue, close your mouth, and keep the wafer in place until it completely dissolves. It will take about two to three minutes. Don’t eat or drink anything during this time.

Protip: At some point while you wait for the wafer to dissolve, you might notice saliva building up in your mouth. Your instinct may be to swallow it, but try not to until the wafer is dissolved. Once the wafer is done dissolving though, you can swallow.

Taking a Two-Wafer Dose

Simply follow the same procedure for one wafer, but put the wafer under your tongue on one side. After 1-2 minutes, place the second wafer on the other side. Wait until the second wafer has dissolved before swallowing the liquid.

Five Keys to Sublingual Success

Remember these protips to ensure your experience with Wafesil and other sublingual ED treatments goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. Keep it under your tongue

Wafesil is a sublingual medication. That means it’s designed to be dissolved under the tongue and held there because that is where the active ingredient gets absorbed. Avoid chewing, sucking, or swallowing the wafer.

  1. Moisten your mouth

Wafesil works best if your mouth is moist before you take it, so if you can, rinse your mouth with a little water first. Spit the water out before putting Wafesil under your tongue. Don’t eat or drink anything (including water) until the wafer dissolves completely.

  1. Keep it wrapped up

Wafesil wafers are literally designed to disintegrate when they come in contact with moisture, including moisture from the air. Keep the wafers in their blister packs until you’re ready to take it to make sure things don’t get all mushy on you. It’ll protect the wafers from damage as well.

  1. Moderate alcohol

You can drink while using Wafesil, but try not to overdo it. Alcohol can prevent you from getting an erection, even with Wafesil. And never drink and drive, no matter how much of a rush you’re in for lovemaking.

  1. Don’t mix with certain medications

Taking Wafesil with drugs called nitrates can cause a dangerous drop in blood pressure. Do not take Wafesil if you take nitrates or nitroglycerin for angina (chest pain). Do not take Wafesil if you use amyl nitrite (“poppers”) for any reason.


Side Effects and Precautions

Side effects of Wafesil are infrequent and are usually mild to moderate. The most common side effects are headache (10-15% of users), flushing of the skin (~10%), and indigestion (under 10%). Some men may experience temporary visual changes like color-tinted vision, blurred vision, or increased sensitivity to light. Side effects are more likely to occur with higher doses and when Wafesil is used with alcohol.

Wafesil and other drugs for ED can cause a serious drop in blood pressure if taken with medications called nitrates for chest pain. It’s important for the doctor treating your ED to know about any other medication or supplements you’re currently taking.

Review Your Options with a Telehealth Doctor

When you set up a confidential consultation with a telehealth physician through, they’ll thoroughly review your medical history and medication list, and if appropriate, even write a prescription for a fast-acting, FDA-approved alternative to Wafesil to treat your erectile dysfunction. At, patient safety and excellent service have been the top priorities for more than 20 years. Contact to schedule a confidential consultation with a doctor in your state today.

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