The Economy And Its Influence In The Bedroom

The slumping global economy is affecting a wide variety of things in the daily lives of people.  Most notably, people are changing their spending habits, but perhaps more interestingly, sexual practices are also changing as a result of the sour economy.

Doctors around the U.S. have reported a dramatic increase in the number of men getting vasectomies, many of whom work in the financial industry.  In fact, the Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine in New York has seen a 48 percent increase in vasectomy consultations this year.  Many men getting vasectomies have expressly stated that difficult financial times are the primary reason for the surgery.  Having children is expensive, so families struggling financially can’t afford to have more children.  For this same reason, more women are getting abortions.

Not only are more men visiting the doctor for vasectomy surgeries, but also for erectile dysfunction medication prescriptions.  More men, including younger men, are experiencing erectile dysfunction because of mental stress. 

Clinicians have also seen a rise in “sexually disturbed behavior,” including sex addiction and reckless sex.  The rise in reckless sex is leading to a disturbing increase in sexually transmitted diseases.

Perhaps one more positive result of the bad economy, relating to sex, is the apparent decrease in infidelity.  Private investigators in Massachusetts have seen infidelity cases sharply decrease.  It’s suspected that would-be cheaters simply don’t have extra cash to wine and dine secret lovers, and certainly don’t have enough money for an expensive divorce.

Jason McClellan


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