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6 Things That Can Cause Erection Problems

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Erection issues can stem from many sources.

Erection problems are no new phenomenon. Men of all ages have experienced difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection from time immemorial. What’s new is the understanding of potential causes, and how to treat them.

Narrowing down the source of erection difficulties isn’t a matter of one or two possibilities. There are many potential culprits, and some of them are more common in the presence of others. So you may have one issue that causes or is related another, both of which contribute to erection issues.

Some risk factors are obvious once you think about how they can affect the body as a whole. Some of them are not so obvious, and only beginning to be understood by the scientific community.

With this list of 6 common causes of erection problems, you may gain a little insight that helps set you on the path toward better, healthier erections.

Cycling Too Much Stresses Nerves and Vessels

Of course, exercise is great. But it’s not so great when the very thing you’re doing to improve overall health damages your ability to achieve or maintain an erection.

The problem with bike riding is the pressure that’s put on sensitive nerves and blood vessels, says Mayo Clinic . These are the same nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis. When you sit on a typical bike seat for long periods of time, and especially if this is a frequent activity, you may experience problems.

Newer styled bike seats are designed to alleviate the pressure on those nerves and vessels. Some seats are shaped like a U, and others are larger than a traditional seat, allowing body weight to be more broadly distributed.

Another option is cutting back on cycling as often, and switching to another activity such as running to balance out your exercise regimen.

Hidden Health Conditions Create Myriad Problems

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Eat healthier, and erections could improve.

“Hidden health conditions” may be one of the most common causes of erection health difficulties. The list of possible conditions is extensive, but some are more common than others. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two common diseases that can negatively affect your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Diabetes is related to so many possible health problems, it might not be a surprise that erection difficulty is one of them. This disease is known to damage blood vessels and nerves, especially when the condition isn’t isn’t controlled. Uncontrolled diabetes doubles the likelihood that a man will experience erection problems, says WebMD.

High blood pressure can cause erection difficulties all by itself; so can some of the medications used to treat it. This condition can reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of blood vessels, including those that supply the penis, which prevents the penis from receiving the volume of blood that it needs to produce an erection. When diuretics are used to help control high blood pressure, the blood not have enough force to fill the vessels in the penis. When beta blockers are used, nerves are sometimes affected in a way that reduces impulses.

Obesity May be a Direct or Indirect Cause

The data isn’t totally clear on whether obesity alone can cause erection problems, or if conditions that often accompany obesity are the real culprits, according to Weight Watchers. Either way, being overweight is a risk factor, and one that can be controlled.

One of the main concerns connecting obesity and erection health is high cholesterol. When deposits form inside blood vessel walls, blood can’t flow as freely as it should. This doesn’t just include the larger vessels in the body, but also the smaller vessels that supply the penis. The blood supply to the penis is critical to achieving an erection; when that is reduced, the natural result is a weaker erection, or none at all.

Being overweight also increases the risk of other health problems, especially diabetes. And diabetes is a known contributor to erection health problems. This is one of the simplest, and most challenging, risk factors to control. You can get more exercise and eat a healthier diet, and reasonably expect to reduce cholesterol and lose weight. But as simple as it is, committing to a healthier lifestyle takes a lot of determination.

Psychological Conditions May Stop an Erection Before it Begins

Psychological conditions don’t necessarily reduce the ability to achieve and maintain an erection, at least not physically speaking. But they can reduce sexual desire, which goes hand in hand with erection problems.

Stress and depression can dramatically reduce sexual desire or libido, and desire is a critical component of arousal and erections. When there is no physical problem preventing or impairing erections, low libido can still impair the process.

An erection begins with stimulation, which can come from any of the senses. When the brain processes this stimulation, a signal is sent down the spine, where it reaches nerves that supply the penis. From there, the process continues as a series of events that results in blood rushing into the penis, where it collects until the arousal is gone.

If the brain doesn’t receive a stimulation signal to process, the erection never has the chance to begin. If stress or depression reduce libido, the bran may never receive the signal.

Additionally, some medications that treat psychological issues can contribute to erection health issues.

Injuries and Surgeries May Cause Physical Damage

Nearly every part of the body necessary for an erection is delicate. Nerves, blood vessels, the spinal cord, and the brain each play a pivotal role. When one part is damaged, erections might suffer.

Back injuries, especially in the lower back, may damage the nerves that supply the penis. If you experience low back pain and erection health problems, the two could be related.

Prostate problems may also be related to erection health. Prostate surgery, which is required to treat some prostate conditions, may cause permanent damage.

Injury to the penis may also create erection difficulties.

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Mood and stress levels can affect erection health.

Too Many Vices may Have Detrimental Effects

Drinking, smoking, and drug use are all relatively straightforward risks. Drinking is not necessarily a problem. Drinking to excess, however, is. A couple of drinks isn’t known to impair erection health. Drink more than that, and you could experience difficulty with erections.

Smoking is bad, no matter how you look at it. Other, even more serious health risks from smoking aside, this bad habit restricts blood blow, contributes to high blood pressure, and can lead to heart disease.

Drug use, rather the use of illicit drugs, can create widespread problems, including those that affect erection health. The specific problems would depend on which drugs are used. Some decrease libido, while others may cause direct damage.

Your erection health is an important part of a healthy life. It’s no minor issue, when erections are difficult or impossible to achieve. Whether you experience occasional difficulties or have a more chronic problem, there may be medications that can help.

Erection medications such as Viagra, Staxyn, Stendra, and Levitra work in the presence of many health conditions and risk factors. You’ll need to disclose your health history to a professional to learn whether one of these is right for you. But in many cases, they are safe and effective for men of any age. is your source for erection health enhancement medications, all of which have been proven safe and effective. We offer secure shopping, privacy, and convenience, and your discreetly-packed shipment arrives at your door. If you’re ready to try something that works, see what has to offer.

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