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Finasteride Results: A Two-Year Timeline

Finasteride offers men a powerful weapon against hair loss, and most men can expect to start seeing results like reduced hair loss and hair regrowth after three months of daily use. It can cause some side effects, including erectile dysfunction, but these are usually mild and can be easily managed with an ED medication like Viagra or Cialis. To see your options, visit today.

For as long as men have had hair on their heads, we’ve had to worry about keeping it there. The statistics are pretty grim though: the American Hair Loss Association reports that nearly two-thirds of men have started to lose hair by the time they’re 35, and up to 85 percent have significantly thinning hair by age 55. Hair loss takes a serious toll on a man’s life too. It can negatively affect your self-image, your personal relationships, and even your professional prospects. [Español]

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Despite these urgent numbers, for centuries there hasn’t been a reliable way to fight back against hair loss. Out of desperation, too many men have shelled out their hard-earned money for expensive balms, tonics, and supplements that promised to help and never delivered. Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down, right?

Uncovering Unexpected Uses

It wasn’t until the 1990s that things began to change for the better. In 1992, Merck received FDA approval to market finasteride as Proscar for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate gland.

Like Viagra, finasteride had an alternative use that was first recognized as a side effect in a clinical trial. In this case, it was being studied for BPH when patients began reporting unusually increased hair growth. Five years later, the FDA approved Propecia, a lower-strength formulation of finasteride for treating male pattern baldness. While Viagra wasn’t effective for its original purpose of treating high blood pressure, finasteride is a safe and effective treatment for both BPH and hair loss.

How Does Finasteride Work?

Finasteride blocks an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which plays a key role in steroid metabolism by converting the sex hormone testosterone into another hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the primary culprit in male pattern baldness, triggering a gradual shrinking of hair follicles to the point that they can no longer support hair growth.

Man looking at his hairline in a mirror.

While DHT is responsible for hair loss, it’s also responsible for many of the physical characteristics that make a man a man. Inhibiting this hormone can lead to some sexual side effects, including a loss of sexual desire, ejaculatory problems, and erectile dysfunction.

Give Me Results! How Well Does Finasteride Work?

Now for some good news: with consistent daily use, most men start to see some positive results at around three months. Here’s a handy timeline to summarize what results you can expect from daily use of Propecia or finasteride.

First Three Months: By the end of the first three months of treatment, some patients (especially younger ones) will begin to notice a decrease in hair loss and early signs of hair regrowth.

Six Months: By the six-month mark, nearly all patients will observe some results. During this first six months on finasteride, you might be alarmed when it seems like your existing hair is falling out even faster. No need to panic; this is actually a good sign. Hair follicles usually shed existing hair shafts to prepare for the emergence of new hair.

Check out the finasteride review in the video below to get an idea of what you can expect after 6-8 months of treatment.

One Year: Many finasteride users see the drug’s maximum benefits at the one-year mark, depending upon the severity of their hair loss.

Two Years: If older patients have not received significant benefits by the end of two years of treatment, it would probably be prudent to discontinue the use of finasteride.

While you’re enjoying your new hair, remember that if you decide to stop taking finasteride, the benefits gained from its use fade within a year or so. To maintain the reduction in hair loss and/or new hair growth, it’s essential to continue your use of the medication. Fortunately, finasteride is relatively inexpensive, and online pharmacies like make ordering really convenient by offering free shipping right to your door.

For Best Results, Stay Healthy!

The healthier you are, the easier it is for finasteride to work its follicular magic, and the better your results will be. Try these tips:

  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water

You are what you eat, so if all you eat is garbage … just saying. Besides, nutritious food and water are the fuel your body needs to generate new hair, so don’t short-change it!

  • Exercise regularly and lose excess weight

Getting in shape and staying at a healthy weight pay huge dividends in every part of your life and can be a serious confidence booster and stress-reducer.

  • Quit smoking

You aren’t doing your body any favors if you still smoke. Quitting may seem like a mountain you’ll never be able to get over, but today’s prescription stop-smoking medications can make it much, much easier. Not to mention you won’t get so winded on the climb.

  • Bring reinforcements

Using a topical hair growth medication like minoxidil (Rogaine) on your scalp helps maximize the benefits of taking finasteride by encouraging hair growth from two different angles.

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Time to Make a Move

When it comes to managing male pattern hair loss, time is of the essence. The earlier you get treatment, the better your chances of stopping and reversing hair loss. has Propecia and generic finasteride in stock and ready to ship to you. If you’d like to discuss your options for managing hair loss, we can connect you to a licensed telehealth physician in our network for a free, confidential evaluation and prescription.

Don’t wait until your only choices are a lousy comb-over or shaving your entire head—visit’s hair loss solutions page and take action today.

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